How to clean up iPhone and android without clean master

It’s always good to go for the process of clean up at least once in a year in order to get rid of the mess in your house, but there seems to have no motive that you shouldn’t apply the same to the digital life. Cleaning up the smartphone isn’t just the process of scraping the junk and dirt out of the case of the phone and getting back that sparkly brand new look; this process also includes sweeping and cleaning away the junk stored inside your phone in order to enjoy the performance boost.

Whether you’re cleaning an Android or an iPhone, or some other device, given below are some tips that should help you reclaim the smartphone and put on a fresh spring in its step. Given below is our guide that will help you speed up, backing up and cleaning up your iPhone or Android Phone or device.

Backing up your files

Let’s start with the vital piece of maintenance because you are not looking lose any important data during the cleanup process. Smartphone camera has been improved, the photography apps have been developed with many features, and today it’s really easy to share photos you took on your phone. Most of us have got hundreds of videos and several photos on our smartphones. Make sure that maintain a backup of those on a regular basis. You can use a cloud service like Dropbox so that you can share easily across the devices, you can even post directly to the social media accounts, and then download them to a computer or laptop.

We would recommend you to use some kind of cloud storage that will help you keep an external backup, and also that you can easily access them and then add those to the collection on any device. You’ll be able to reveal the memories that you have forgotten and it’s always good to manage them into proper albums and then share them with the friends f yours and family members. You may also try backing up the contacts, settings and important text messages.

Free up some storage

Storage is one of the limited features of a smartphone. You should always be careful about what you are allowing to eat up that important space. If you don’t have a good amount of free space then the smartphone performance will be hampered. Before we start, we must make sure that you kept a back up of anything important in your phone.

Photos, music, and videos

If you’ve properly synchronized the photos and videos, and have saved them safely away elsewhere, then there is a need to delete some of the data from a smartphone. Go through the complete device and just keep the ones that are important to have with you. You’ll free the space within the smartphone by doing this.

You should also go through the entertainment-related stuff that is stored on the device. Usually, movies and TV shows consume huge space, so If you have already watched them, just get delete them. Always keep the music collection as small as possible, but perfectly formed.

Apps and data

Now just check the app drawer of your phone and see what’s in there that you haven’t even touched since long. If you are not using any, then the best is to uninstall it. Just remember, you can install the apps anytime if you need in the future.

As time passes, most of the apps also eat up a good amount of space on your storage.

On Android, go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications and you can see how much space each of the apps is using. Choose the individual app screen and you will get many options to Clear the data and Clear cache. If you are clearing the cache then you must understand that you can get rid of the temporary files, if you clear the data then you must understand that the app will work with a fresh install. You may find the option to Move the data to SD card, which is considered as the good way to free up some amount of internal storage which will make your phone speedy.

On iOS, get into Settings > General > Usage and you’ll see what proportion storage every app is exploitation. If you wish to delete the app information you may in all probability have to be compelled to uninstall the app and set up it, which can additionally delete your settings.

If you check the settings menu at intervals some individual apps, you would possibly realize choices to clear the cache or to limit the number of knowledge the app stores.

Browser cache

Generally speaking the cache hold on in your application is there to hurry things up. By memory, what you looked for before, or keeping pictures from an internet site you’ve visited, your smartphone will load what you wish quicker following time. However, typically you would possibly need to clear that cache out and release some area.

On Android, your application is listed aboard the opposite apps, therefore get into Settings >Applications> Manage applications as before, and realize your browser (the default browser are going to be known as the Internet), then faucet Clear cache. With iOS and campaign, go to settings > Advanced > website information and faucet take away All.

Update everything

Make sure that you simply square measure entirely up so far. Most smartphones can get platform updates OTA today, however, it’s price checking that you’re up so far. you’ll be able to check on iOS by attending to Settings > General > Software Update, and on mechanical man by going to Settings > About device > Software update.

You should additionally ensure the apps that you simply use square measure up so far. you’ll be able to do that on iOS by a gap the App Store, sound the Updates icon at the lowest, and so sound Update All. to try and do it on mechanical man, open the Play Store and faucet the Menu button then select My Apps and faucet Update.

Keeping your software system and apps up so far can typically end in your smartphone running a lot of swimmingly.

Install some spring improvement apps

For homeowners of AN android smartphone, whether rooted or not, we have a tendency to suggest Es File Explorer File Manager as an honest thanks to turning over into the heart of your device and delete something that’s not required.

If you’ve got tons of apps, surfing every one to delete the cache may well be seriously time overwhelming and a touch tedious. you’ll be able to save yourself the effort by downloading Clean Master. This free app presents you with a listing of caches and information that you simply may need to delete. you’ll be able to additionally use it in order to perform multiple uninstalls and schedule the reminders so that to clear your cache once more supported time or file size.

You won’t realize any counseled apps to try and do this on iOS, however, you would possibly need to do Phone Clean. It runs on Windows or waterproof OS and you plug your iPhone in to urge a listing of potential junk files that you simply will delete. This includes app caches, corrupt files, cookies, and a lot of files that you simply might want to obviate. It’s free and easy to use. when scanning your iPhone, it offers you a listing of what will be deleted, therefore you’ll be able to uncheck something that you simply need to stay.


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