How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone?

How To hide Test Messages on iPhone

There are situations where you want to hide text messages on iPhone, you receive anytime. Maybe we are secretive about what we do, even then, we may be forced to hide a few text messages from being accessed by our friends, family members and anyone else, for that matter. All of us do carry some mysterious content on our phone that we do not want to share with anyone. So, how do you hide the text messages on iPhone? Let us cover this aspect in more detail in this article.

How To hide Test Messages on iPhone
How To hide Test Messages on iPhone

Why do you need to hide your text messages on iPhone?

Well, that is exactly is a question that would welcome a wide range of responses. Every one of us has a side to our personality. And this is the side that we love to keep to ourselves. We all have some private and personal conversation with someone that we want to hide from everyone. Probably, If Your private conversation will be leak then you could have to face some serious side effects of it. So, Keep your private text messages hide is a better decision.

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There are several reasons you would want to hide your personal things from being accessed by anyone else – be it your friends, parents, or even your boyfriend ( or girlfriend, as the case may be). Privacy is one of the major aspects here. Then, there are a few things you do not want anyone to you.

How to hide text messages on iPhone?

The app stores for you iPhone has several apps that help you send and receive messages. They may provide you some great features, but all of them suffer one common problem – the privacy issues. We guess it would be a great idea to stick to the traditional SMS app and iMessage so that you can hide your text messages using default methods. But now you just have to find an alternative way to hide your messages.

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Disable Preview of your messages

We assume you know what exactly is a Message Preview. When you receive a text message, it pops up on your lock screen, and also on your home screen. The pop up comes with an excerpt of the received message. It may not display the entire message but can always reveal information about your privacy. So, Just have to disable the preview of it to resolve the problems.

Here is how you can disable the preview.

  • Head on to Setting
  • Tap on Notifications, and then on Messages
  • Scroll down to Include Section.
  • Locate Show Preview.
  • Switch it to Off.

Hide the text message from the lock screen

Please note that this method will disable the entire notification of new messages. Follow the steps below

  • Go to Setting
  • Tap on Messages
  • Locate the option for Show on Lockscreen and turn it Off

It would also be advisable to disable Badge App Icon option as well.

Hide Text Messages on iMessage

Well, the above methods will let you hide the text messages from being displayed on the lock screen. But at times you may also want to hide the messages on iMessage app as well.

Please note that you will need a jailbroken iPhone for this tweak to work. You will need to use a Cydia tweak named Hidden Convos.

Follow the steps below

  • You just have to Launch Cydia.
  • Then Install Hidden Convos.
  • Now launch iMessage.
  • Choose the message you want to hide and swipe it to the left.
  • You should now find an option to Hide the message.

That is it. Your message will now disappear. You can unhide it if you want. Here is how you go with it.

  • Tap on Edit
  • You will now find an Unhide
  • Tapping on it will bring the message back.

Those were a few tricks you can use with the built-in apps and tools to hide your text messages on iPhone. Actually hiding a message will need you to jailbreak your device. Most of us may not be interesting in exercising that option for security reasons.

Some Useful iPhone Apps for you

Third Party Apps To Hide iPhone Messages

We present you a few third-party apps that may be helpful in hiding the text messages easily. These all third-party apps will help you to keep your text messages hide from others.

#1. Vault

Vault is one of the able apps that can help you control your privacy in more ways than one. You can hide photos, videos, contacts, and messages with this app.

One of the best options that Vault offers you is the ability to create Private Contacts. All your communication with these contacts will be hidden. The app lets you save all your private data secure and Vault is the number one choice for everyone when it comes to hiding text messages on iPhone.

#2. CoverMe

If you’re worried about your spouse or nosy friend checking your phone to review your messages or phone calls, you can use CoverMe to secure all of your personal information. CoverMe is a free vault app available in both Android and iOS app stores. While the app itself is free, there are in-app purchases that begin at $0.99 and go up from there to access all features.

This is yet another excellent app to secure all your messages, call logs and other private information. The best part is that it does not need a password.

CoverMe ensures that all your messages always stay hidden and private. It is indeed a great multifunctional app that can help you create a perfect vault for safeguarding your secret gems. I will definitely recommend you this iPhone Application to hide text messages on iPhone.

#3. iDescrete

Working on the same principle as CoverMe, iDescrete also works as an indispensable app for hiding iPhone text messages. It helps you keep your messages and contacts stay hidden and private.

It does not require you to input any password. It works on the principle of Touch Sequence Protection. It will need accurate taps at correct locations to make the app work. The best part is that it will not let anyone know of its true functionality.

This app does everything as said in the reviews and does it really well. The price is also justifiable for the features it offers. That’s why this is also an awesome app ever that you should try.

In Conclusion (Hide iPhone Text Messages)

Well, that would conclude our discussion on the best options to hide text messages on iPhone. We would want to point it out that the built-in options do not serve much to help you out in hiding and safeguarding your messages. We would advise you to use the third-party apps to secure your privacy and especially if you want to hide text messages on iPhone. Both suggested app has own specialty just try it then decide it.

Have you used any of these methods to hide text messages on iPhone? Would you suggest us any other practical ways so that your privacy would not be at stake, and you can hide all your important data safe from the prying eyes? Do share your views and opinions with us.

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