How to Hire Your Dream Team


It can be difficult to find quality employees for any business. A good employee can improve workplace productivity and help team synergy. A bad employee hire can ruin the team dynamic, costing time and money until they are let go. So how do you make sure that you hire good employees?

You need a compelling job position listing

Getting the best employee for a position often comes down to how passionate and driven they are about the job, and finding someone like that can be tough. It’s why the job description must be ironclad. Clearly list out the skill requirements and responsibilities of your position to make sure that only qualified candidates apply. Consider highly regarded recruiters to help find those hidden gems. Make sure your job posting is listed in locations that will be visible to the applicants that you want, including the various job boards and websites like LinkedIn. If that is unsuccessful, consider asking employees if they have any recommendations for the position. Include a bonus if their recommendation gets the job. All of these will help make sure that the right candidates apply for the position.

Perform a background check 

This is a necessary step for any potential hire. An online background check for employment can find several things that can be important to know. It can find out whether your employee has a criminal record, what their credit score is and their financial history, and it can make sure that they are who they say they are. This last one point might seem unnecessary, but 14.4 million people were the victims of identity fraud last year. Make sure you won’t be a victim too. 

Conduct an Excellent Interview

 A good interview can be the difference between hiring a good candidate or a great one. It’s the best place to weed out dishonest hires, or candidates who don’t fit your company culture. Consider having a team of your most trusted employees with you when you interview so that you can get differing opinions of a hire. If one of your members has misgivings, trust their gut. Only hire a candidate if they pass a consensus. After all, a new hire has to not only do the work, but they have to fit in with the company as well. 

Make a generous offer

 If this candidate is as good as you think they are, you might not be the only one vying for their services. In order to make sure you get the best candidates, you need to offer the best package for potential new hires. If you aren’t able to offer the most in salary, consider these other options to make up for it:

  • Have a great office environment – If your office is a joy to work at, your prospective employees will know, either through hearing about it from your current employees or witnessing it themselves when they come in for an interview. A good environment will go a long way towards attracting talent. 
  • Offer tuition reimbursement – Offering to pay for employee schooling is an attractive bonus which also benefits you in the long run. Not only will your employee be happy, but they will be higher educated as well. 
  • Offer to pay for volunteer hours – A great way to attract the more socially conscious employees, offering to fully pay for a couple of volunteer hours a week will not only make them happy but can also help you in your tax write-offs.
  • Equity –  Offering equity is a good way to increase the value of a package without having to pay more right now. Plus it gives your employee an incentive to work harder as they will be more invested in how the company does. 
  • Vacation package – Paid vacation time is important to any prospective applicant. 
  • Offer a great health plan – This has become more and more relevant in this day and age, especially in the United States, where a good health plan can be a major boon to any employee.
  • Offer paid maternity or paternity leave – This one is more situational towards younger professionals or those looking to start a family, but it is a great way to build loyalty towards your company.
  • Offer less oversight and more creativity – This is a vague descriptor, but if you allow your employees to pursue passion projects on the side while on the clock it can attract very some qualified candidates. Just make sure that you have an agreement in place to clarify any patent law when they are on the clock. 

These are just some of the many ways it may take to get your dream candidate through your door. With how competitive the job market is nowadays, you may need something to help you stand out, these steps will help.

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