How to install Genesis on Kodi – The Easy Steps

If you are a movie fan and love watching unlimited movies, TV shows, and other video content? Kodi is one of the apps that helps you watch the TV shows and movies for free. Kodi has grown in its popularity considerably over the last few months. The best part with Kodi is it offers you several add-ons you can use with it so that your experience in media consumption is enhanced. How about a service that offers you an option to watch on demand movies and shows? Genesis is one such add-on that handles the task in an excellent manner. How to install Genesis on Kodi?That is precisely what we will go through today. 

What is Genesis?

Well, Genesis is an add-on for Kodi. It allows you watch popular TV shows and Movies for free. You can also use it to watch on-demand TV shows and movies. Search for a show that you love and watch it for free.

Please note that Genesis is not the official add-on for Kodi. It uses several sites for sourcing its content. In fact, it can be considered to be an amalgamation of all add-ons put together.

Genesis comes with a best in class search functionality. That would mean you can search for your favourite movies and shows wit ease. It is not without any reason that it has been treated as the best add on for all your needs in videos and other shows, especially the trending shows and latest release.

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Recently some users have been reporting errors while using the Genesis add-on on their Kodi. This may have to do the API changes done by some sites. Let us find how can we install Genesis on your Kodi installation. But, before that – would it not be better to go through the features of Genesis Add-On?

Genesis Add On – The Salient Features


Movie buffs around the globe vouch for Genesis for the simplicity and the performance that it has on offer. It would be wiser to check out a few features that make it an excellent add on that it is.


  • The Add On is completely free. You can use it to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows for free.
  • It provides you an amazing collection of shows. Most of the content is available in HD quality.
  • Searching for your choicest movies and shows is much easy with the search functionality offered by Genesis.
  • The UI of the add on is quite easy to follow and master. There isn’t any steep learning curve involved.
  • The Shows library is quite rich. There is a constant updating of the library from time to time. This ensures tat you will get all the latest and trending shows.
  • The the best part with Genesis Add On is that in spite of it being a free service, there are no ads to annoy you.

Why has Genesis stopped working on Kodi?

Genesis is based on certain movie sites, and it fetches the data from those sites. When the sites change their APIs, Genesis fails to fetch the data from these sources. That is the primary reason for a non working Genesis on your Kodi. The developer has stopped working on Genesis, and as a result, the add on has been receiving no updates. However, since it uses several sites to gather information, it will continue working on some sites.

Some major reasons why your add-on stops working on your Kodi can be summed up as

  • The major source for Genesis on Kodi is It has recently changed its API. That has been one of the causes that has caused the Genesis stop functioning.
  • Another Service that forms the base of Genesis is <i.RealDebrid. This site too has changed its API.

How to install Genesis on Kodi?


Well, the proces involved is quite simple and easy to follow. You can easily go through the steps here below for the successful installation of Genesis on your Kodi.

  • Genesis is an addon for Kodi. It would be needless to say that you need to have Kodi installed on your system. Launch it.
  • Open the System.
  • Now, launch File Manager.
  • Now, find the option to Add Source and then click on None.
  • In the next step, you need to use the link for Genesis Add on. The exact link for Genesis is Click on Done once finished.
  • Name the source as Fusion and then click on OK.
  • The download process should begin now.
  • Switch to the Home screen of Kodi.
  • Now, move to System tab once again.
  • Move to Add On tab.
  • Under Zipping option click on Install. You should now be taken to Fusion.
  • Locate the option xbmc-reports.
  • Select English as the language option.
  • Now, choose Locate Movie AddOn option.
  • Now, click on Install option. After a while, you should see the notification indicating that the Add on has been enabled.

Genesis addon will now be ready to use on your Kodi installation.

The Final Thoughts

Genesis has been considered to be one of the best Add-Ons for your Kodi installation. It is a perfect option for all your requirements as it forms a perfect repository for all your requirements in movies and TV shows. We assume the tips presented above would be helpful in letting you watch the shows without any issues. Go for it, and we promise that you will never regret your decision.

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Are you using any other add ons for the best in the class experience of watching the on demand movies and other videos? If yes, do share your preferences with us. Your feedback and opinions will help to make us more conversant with the concepts of the better add ons and their functionality. We value your views and always welcome them.

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