How to Test If VPN Services Work

How to Test If VPN Services Work

If you are using a VPN service, you most definitely want it to actually work since the main goal is to protect you against data leaks. It is important that you learn all that you can about Virtual private networks using platforms like in order to get the best of services.

These services may include Domain name(DNS) protection which helps to mask the location and IP address of your internet service provider. It also typically includes protection for your IP address as well. Both of these services are essential and you should carry out tests to ensure they are in place in any VPN service you connected to. The speed test is also another vital test that you should carry out. Since a lot of steps are required to set up a VPN, there is plenty of possibilities for errors hence the need to check and test your connection. Here is a simple guide that can help with this.

How to Test If VPN Services Work

How to do a DNS Leak Test

The Domain Name System is responsible for translating domain names to IP addresses. This makes access to websites a lot easier. A good Virtual Private Network Is expected to have an encrypted DNS system. A DNS leak implies that the location and IP address of your internet service provider is exposed. This will make it possible for anyone to unmask your real IP Address and location.

What is DNS and how does it work, learn more here.

A simple way to check if there is DNS leak in your VPN tunnel is to connect to a server with a location outside your country then use tools like to check. Typically, since you are using a VPN, your IP address and location shouldn’t match that of your ISP. If it does then there is a leak in your DNS.

IP Address Leak Test

This is the basic service offered by almost every Top VPN Services provider. However, not every one of them can protect IP addresses as effectively as they promise which sounds ridiculous but is absolutely true. This is why you should carry out tests. This way you are sure that your IP address is not being leaked as your browse especially in case of a drop in the connection.

An IP address test can be done in the re-connection phase. To do this, you disconnect the internet while still connected to your Virtual private network. Once connection drops, run a rapid-fire test IP sequence while reconnecting. A simple procedure for this is to open multiple tabs of your IP testing webpage and refresh as quickly as you can. If your real IP address is shown in some of the tabs then it means there is indeed an IP address leak.

WebRTC leak test

The WebRTC is seen in browsers that allow P2P file sharing within the browser without a need for a plugin like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on. A WebRTC leak can occur if your IP address is leaked while playing videos via these APIs. You should test for this as well or simply disable WebRTC in your browser to prevent the leak.

Speed Test

While security is the main highlight of any VPN service, speed is also quite important. Several other factors can affect speed ranging from issues for your internet service provider or the level of encryption in the VPN itself. Even physical distance between you and the server can also impact browsing speed. Other factors that can affect speed include how strong your device is, the number of people on your server, firewall settings and so on. Since all of these factors come to play, a slow connection is not always a problem from your VPN service provider but it still makes sense to check before you subscribe for a service.

How to Test If VPN Services Work

There are several online tools you can use to test if the speed of your VPN server is delivering optimally such as You can check online for others.

Before you choose a VPN service provider read this


At the end of the day, if you notice a leak you can speak to your support team to get the issue fixed. Alternatively, you can simply opt-out of that service and go for a more reliable VPN service provider. This way you do not continue exposing yourself to avoidable leaks.

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