How to use Nook for on your laptop

If you’ve got a laptop computer or a netbook, you’ve already got a pleasant eBook reading device.  The Barnes and Noble Nook for laptop allows you to scan your Nook eBooks, eNewspapers, and a lot of on any of your computers.  It’s on the market for each raincoat and laptop, however here we’ll cross-check the Windows version.

Head to the Nook apps web site (link below), and transfer Nook for the laptop to your laptop.

Once it’s downloaded, install it as traditional on your laptop.

On initial run, you’ll have to be compelled to enter your B& N account data, or if you don’t have already got associate degree account, click produce associate degree Account at very cheap.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see any books already on your account within my library section of the sidebar.

Click the search link to access the Barnes & Noble’s eBook store online to browse and buy books, or simply head to the B& N website in your browser (link below).  If you’re unsure if you may sort of a book, you’ll perpetually transfer a free sample to undertake it out initial.

Once you’ve got some books, you’ll scan them from my library link on the left sidebar in Nook for a laptop.  Click scan currently to start out reading a book, otherwise, you will {choose to|prefer to|like better to|value a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} see more details regarding the book or archive it.

Here’s the small print page, showing a lot of data in Nook for laptop regarding the sample book we have a tendency to downloaded.

And here’s the reading screen with a sample book.  You’ll notice that the eReader makes the eBook virtually want a paper book, complete with page numbers, two columns of text, and nice text data format.

However, Nook additionally allows you to benefit from the digital style of your book. you’ll choose text in associate degree eBook to seem it up within the enclosed wordbook or on Wikipedia in your browser, otherwise, you will highlight and add notes to the section.

Here’s the enclosed wordbook that opened after we researched a word. terribly handy!

Nook additionally allows you to search the contents of your eBook from the highest right corner of the appliance.

You can additionally add eBooks that you just already own to Nook for the laptop. this is often an excellent thanks to creating it your main eBook reader while not getting a large number of latest books. within my library section on the left sidebar, choose my stuff. currently, you’ll click Add New Item to import associate degree eBook.

Nook for laptop allows you to add PDF, ePub, and PDB formatted eBooks, as well as PDFs secured with Adobe Digital Editions DRM.  However, you can’t import your eBooks from alternative eReader programs equivalent to Kindle for laptop, as these embrace DRM which will solely be scan by Kindle.

Here’s a PDF eBook in Nook for a laptop.  One nice factor is that it mechanically remembers your current position within the book, thus your foreign eBooks work a bit like your Nook eBooks.

Nook additionally includes a daily review and attention-grabbing truth regarding the day within the daily section.

Click scan currently to scan this delicacy of knowledge regarding the day.

Nook for laptop additionally allows you to subscribe newspapers and magazines a bit like the Nook device. you’ll browse the on the market journals online, and even attempt them out for fourteen days at no cost.  Note that newspaper and magazine subscriptions could solely work within the U.S.

NOOK study for college students

If you’re a school student, you’ve doubtless detected that textbooks are a strain on each your billfold and your back.  Barnes & Noble features a special edition of Nook for laptop known as NOOKstudy that’s an excellent thanks to getting your textbooks cheaper and easier on your netbook or laptop computer. several standard textbooks are presently on the market on that, and you’ll usually either purchase your textbooks or rent them to save lots of cash.

First, transfer NOOK study from the link below, and install it on your laptop as traditional.  If you’re already mistreatment Nook for laptop, you’ll simply install NOOKstudy additionally thereto and use the one you would like reckoning on what you’re reading.

When you initial run NOOK study, login together with your existing B& N account or produce a brand new account as within the Nook for laptop app.

Next, choose a state and faculty, and click on sign up.  NOOK study is integrated together with your Adobe ID if you’ve got one thus it will scan DRM-protected PDF files moreover.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see your Nook books listed in NOOK study. you’ll use this program as your primary eBook reader if you prefer, as all B& N eBooks can work fine in it.  However, textbooks can solely add NOOK study, thus you won’t be ready to use eTextbooks in Nook for laptop or on a Nook device.

Click the bag icon in the toolbar to go looking for textbooks you would like for your categories.

This will open the B& N store in your browser, and can open a page regarding your textbook if it’s on the market.  Note that several textbooks are solely on the market for one hundred eighty-day rentals, however, if you simply want the book for one semester, this could work fine.  If you’re unsure regarding reading a textbook on your laptop, you’ll scan the book for a free seven-day trial initial before getting it.

Here’s a textbook open in NOOK study. you’ll see two pages right away a bit like you’d in a very paper book and might see full-color photos, diagrams, and a lot of right your laptop.

You can alter your eBook settings from the toolbar at very cheap and focus to create it easier to scan.

If you’re making an attempt to match what 2 completely different books say a few topic, you’ll simply try this.  Click the button to the left of the toolbar to pick another book to look at side-by-side.  Here we’ve two books along in NOOK study.

NOOK study makes it terribly simple to induce a lot of data regarding the text in your eBooks. choose any text to repeat it or look it au courant Google, Wikipedia, W Alpha, and more. you’ll additionally highlight and add notes to your textbooks as traditional.

Select eBooks additionally allow you to print them, that could be a nice feature not enclosed with the quality Nook for laptop app.  Most textbooks can embrace limitations on printing rights, thus check your textbook’s data to check what you’ll do with it.

Nook for iOS

Nook is additionally on the market for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod bit. simply transfer the proper version for your device. Here we glance at it running on associate degree iPod bit.

It basically works a similar because it will on the laptop. after you initial begin it you get a orient the way to manage the app on your iOS device. you’ll return to the user guide at any time as it’s enclosed in your library.

Here is associate degree example of associate degree eBook running on the iPod bit, you’ll simply use the slider to navigate to completely different areas of the book, modification text size…etc.

You can search differing types of media in numerous classes.

Nook for robot

The Nook Reader is additionally on the market for robot one.6 and on top of, however, we have a tendency to didn’t have time to check it out and show it to you during this article. If you’ve had smart luck with it on your robot device, undoubtedly allow us to grasp within the comments.

Nook’s eBook apps bring Barnes and Noble’s eBook inventory to a large variety of devices. even though you don’t own a Nook device, you’ll still benefit from the books, textbooks, newspapers, and more. we have a tendency to were affected by the wide selection of options enclosed within the Nook eBook apps, and particularly likable the power to import PDF and ePub format into Nook for a laptop.  The reader apps enclosed several options that alternative eBook readers don’t, equivalent to looking out the contents of the eBook and repetition text. provides it an attempt, and allow us to grasp what you’re thinking that.


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