How to Use the Tor Browser to Access the Deep Web?

Did you know that using the Google-like search engines you can only access 1 percent of the information available over the internet? The data or websites which are discovered able by search engines is called surface web, while sites which are not discoverable on these search engines are known as the deep web.
In technical part, the non-indexed part of the internet is called the deep web whereas the indexed information on the internet is called the surface web.

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Below you will find the complete information on how to use the Tor Browser to access the deep web.
Let’s read on the tor Wikipedia to access it efficiently.

Step by Step Guide on How to access the Deep Web

It is impossible for you to access the deep web through the standard browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To enter the deep web, you need the particular encryption browser, which is Tor. It allows you to search the deep web without revealing your original identity i.e. anonymously.

Step 1 Install the Tor Browser Package

1. On your browser visit the site and click on the Blue tab to download the complete Tor Browser package.

2. Once the download is finished, double-click on the window and execute the RUN command, select the installation location and eventually click to install it.

3. After installing the Tor browser package, open the folder location where you installed the Tor package. Click on the start Tor Browser option.

4. Now, just click on Connect.

5. Once you click on the connect button it may take 15-20 seconds to establish the connection with Tor network which goes through several different connections to keep the identity anonymous.

6. As soon as the deep web Tor Browser is started and the connection is well established, you will see the congratulation message on your screen.

Unsurprisingly, it will look a lot like the Firefox browser, but it has lots of customized features and add-ons. It is how you will be connected to the tor network wiki.

Step 2 – For Better Security Configure the Tor Browser

1. On Tor Browser, click on the Green Onion icon to access the Privacy & Security settings.

2. Now, only change the security level from low to high then click on the OK tab.
This is how successfully you configured the Tor Browser for better security and stronger anonymity.

Step 3 – How to find working deep web URLs?

Once, you successfully installed, configured and established the secure Tor Browser on your system. Now, it is a time to find the working deep web URL.

The links on the deep web are not stable that makes tough to find the working deep web URL. It happens because the URLs keep changing their onion links or web address to keep them untraceable.

Fortunately, there are a few search engines and .onion directories from where you can easily find the working deep web URLs. Below you will find the famous.Onion directories(also called dark web wiki)over the internet:


– http://hwikis25cffertqe.onion

If you are accessing the deep web for the first time, then I would suggest using the Hidden wiki at the start. With the assistance of Hiddenwiki, you can quickly locate the websites of.Onion links hosted on the deep web.

Note – some of the links mentioned above can take you to some other wrong places of the deep web. So, access them at your risk.

How to access the dark web?

Now, let’s take a look how you can find anything on the deep web without revealing your identity. Note, I am going to explain this with real life examples so you understand it quickly.

For instance, you want to chat with someone using the Facebook and without revealing your true identity. In that case, you visit “hwikis25cffertqe.Onion” website, scroll down a little bit and locate the social networks section. Now, click on any of the social media sites that you would like to use or access.

Here, I click on the Facebook which took me to the deep website version of the Facebook containing the
URL – www.facebookcorewwwi.onion.

Here, Facebook claims that they do not save the browsing history, but I would say that trust them at your risk.

Here is another example,

Let’s assume you want to search the entire deep web, in this scenario, the search engines like Torch and DuckDuckGo will come handy. Using these search engines you search the deep web taking few minutes of your time.
In my case, I find the term “Brain” and bring back me the following results shown in the screenshot below.
I tried most of these links, and the information which I found was most of irrelevant. Hence, do not expect much from these search engines.

Hope, now you have enough some idea on how to browse the deep web. There are several links that you can use depending upon your exploration level.

Essential Tips for Safe Deep Web Browsing

To elevate your anonymity on the deep web it is recommended that you follow these tips:

1. In your system’s control panel (System Settings) make sure the Firewall Setting is On. And, in case it off then switches it On before access the hidden net.

2. While accessing the Tor make sure you exit all other application using the internet including, Chrome browser, Mozilla browser, and torrent, etc.

3. Turn off cookies and JavaScript in your Tor browser to enhance the anonymity further.

4. Cover your PCs camera with a cloth or tape to avoid the spy activity from any blackhat hackers.

The Last Warning
Keep in mind that most of the files on the deep web are not safe to visit them at your risk only. Please do not download any executable files or PDF from the deep web as it is a higher chance they may contain virus or malware.

NOTEThis comprehensive article on Deep Web is specifically for the information purpose only. Anything you will do with this information is solely your responsibility and do it at your risk.

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