How You Can Optimize Your Images According To SEO

How You Can Optimize Your Images According To SEO

There are many ways ( like heading, paragraph, alignments, fonts, page layout ) to make your article more reader-friendly and attractive.One such way is Search engine optimization of images.

In other words, we can say Image optimization is similar to the Search engine optimization.The are more process and procedure for Image optimization.

Here we can see some of the search engine optimization for images ,so that you can improve your blog ranking .

1. Use Only the proper and copyright Image

“Pen is mightier than a sword ,like wise an Image is mightier than words”

Finding a relevant and proper image or picture is the first and foremost task in the Image optimization. So it was mandatory to upload the relevant image to the content that you are posting.There are more sites which are available in the internet ,from which you can download images according to your requirements.

One such site for beginners is fact you can also able to get copyright images.

Copyright images have more rating than normal images. So try to use only copyright images. If you have enough skills ,you can also make your own image with the help of camera or mobile phone. But its not possible for an individual to get a right image from their home itself.

For example ,If your content is related to pearls and oysters ,you can’t get an image of those from your camera or smart phone ,because you are at your comfort zone. Its done by a professional photographers and they will upload it in the website. So that you can use images according to your requirements by simply downloading the images from those sites.

How You Can Optimize Your Images According To SEO

Now you are able to understand from this example and can clear idea of this process.List of popular sites for downloading the images Free images: A massive group with over 2500000 registered online users and with over 400000 photos online.You can easily choose your requirements from this site.

New old stock: A site from which you can get Vintage Images of your own choice. It provides copyright images too.

Public domain Archive: A website which holds the repository collection of high-quality images for your content.

Unsplash: Daily you can get 10 high quality images at free of cost.

2. Choosing best file format and Size

Though you have chosen the right image,you need to check the format of the file and size of the file too. The size of the file is most important in image optimization ,since it was directly linked to the loading time .If the size of the file is more ,it takes more time for the website to load. Here you can see the top image formats .

JPEG: The most popular image format is JPEG.It is based on lossy compression that is according to your setting, image quality can vary a small bit. The main advantage of these formats is , they keep the file sizes small and its a standard format.

It supports everywhere and its universally acceptable.

GIF: The another most popular format is GIF. It is used display small animations or clip arts. It supports 256 colors only. It provides you an ultimate look and the main advantage is a small size. It is primarily used for company’s logo.

It is also a standard format.

PNG: It may be used as alternative to the above formats. It is highly transparent and provides a quality. Its lit bit higher in size. But the first preference should be given to the JPEG only.

3. Try lossless compression

If you need to compress your file ,go only towards the lossless compression. The only thing is,you should not sacrifice your image quality towards the size. There are more tools available which are used to compress an Image .Adobe Photoshop is used world wide and its a standard tool .

The following video will let you know about the image compression which is highly used in a set of images.

4. Use catchy and informative names

If you are making an picture or image through your mobile phone or camera ,it is usually stored in alphanumeric file name as default. You should change it to informative name as soon as you capture the photo. It helps the search engine to search exactly and makes good Ranking on images so.

For example, if you are capturing a car photo, then ultimately it saved as something like this, IMG290133.

For reading more details: How to Download Private YouTube Video?

So you need to change to any informative name like “cheery color car”

5. Attention towards alt text

Alt text means alternative text. When the mouse cursor is placed hover ,it will highlight .By using this you can able to describe the picture .Alt text also plays a major role in Image optimization.

Example: A simple URL is shown for better understanding. It should not be like this.  In the second URL it alt text is added. First URL doesn’t have any.

By using this, it will able to improve the Ranking according to the Search Engine Optimizations.

To know more about the alt text ,follow this video to get better ideas .

6. No third party hostings

Do not use the third-party hosting platform. Hostings like “Imgur” and “post image” ,allows an user to upload images on servers .This ultimately saves more space .But prefer to use your own server.

You can easily get the advantages after using those.

This video will guide you to get a better result.

7. Isolate your thumbnails from primary pictures

Preferably, your thumbnails ought to be as little as conceivable to limit page load time. That implies you have to resize them and utilize the suitable level of compression.

Since they have a tendency to be entirely little in any case, you can yield a compression of picture quality for expanded speed.

The popular editing tools are Pixlr,picMonkey, Fotor and GIMP.

8. Sitemaps creation

Google recommends creating a sitemap for the Search engine to give more information about the image used on your page. It helps to promote the ranking.If you are using WordPress, you can simply do this task by installing plugins.

The following YouTube video tutorial will help to get more information on sitemaps creation.

9. Integrate social media

The social media plays a major role in the Search engine optimization. Each and every sharing of your content will give you a benefit at one stage.

So interface your site with all popular social networking sites. You can also use Image sharer to allow visitors to share images on your site.

10 . Google’s webmaster

Google’s webmaster will give you guidelines for image optimization.Just click the link which is provided below.

You can approach this at any time.

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