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Huawei Nova – Purported Women-centric smartphone to Debut at IFA

Hardly does a day goes by without news of emerging Smartphones from Chinese OEM. Today, Huawei is on the rumor mill, and it is rumored to be working on a Smartphone dubbed  Huawei Nova.

The Huawei Nova which is expectedly set for IFA 2016 release date when announced will be a Smartphone targeted at Women and will be Huawei’s second device aimed at the Women folks.

Though no Specs details of the Huawei Nova has been revealed, an image of the phone posted by a Weibo user reveals a side view of the purported Huawei Nova with a very long volume rocker on a  gold, metal chassis.

It will be recalled Huawei recently announced two  Smartwatches dubbed  Huawei  Elegant and its Huawei. They both come with curved and narrow straps which makes them better adapt to women’s hands. This further gives credence to the news of the Upcoming Huawei Nova.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get more info about the Huawei Nova smartphone. Please feel free to let us know what you think about this rumor.

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