What Should You Expect from an Identity Verification Company?

Technologies like robotics, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence have changed how we deal with customers in every sector. The automation has eased many processes, and many of them can be completed within a blink of an eye.

AI-based identity verification solutions include biometric verification and digital document verification that help fight fraud in many business sectors. Since it’s a relatively new field, many clients don’t know what to expect from an identity verification company.

Here are all things you can expect from the service provider.

Device Compatibility

The identity verification solution should work on any tablet, mobile, or desktop computer. This is necessary because customers are known to use multiple devices to access your services. If the solution provider does not offer seamless device compatibility, many of your prospective customers would not be able to buy from your business.

Ability to Verify Customer Anywhere Across the Globe

Most Australian businesses have customers across the globe. When you can serve any customer irrespective of region or country, everybody wins. The identity verification company should connect you to reliable data sources in Australia and foreign countries. Some of the data sources used for validation are:

  • Biometrics
  • Government
  • Mobile network
  • Credit bureaus
  • Business registers
  • Utilities
  • Consumer files

Secure Web Interface

When a customer enters personal identifiable information through a web interface, there is always a risk of data being accessed or stolen by culprits. The identity verification provider should be able to provide a secure web interface to ensure user data safety.

It should also ensure the data is encrypted when it travels on public networks. Australian businesses are required to comply with data privacy laws as mandated by the Federal Privacy Act (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).

Multiple Integration Options

The identity verification solution should allow seamless integration options through API, Portal, and Embedding. The API integration should connect your system to all identity data and services your business needs. The API integration should support hundreds of data attributes normalized to standard data fields.

The service provider should also offer direct portal access to customer-facing personnel and enable access to verification directly from a browser. Small businesses with low budgets do not need full-featured identity verification solutions.

An identity verification company should allow businesses to create customizable identity forms configured to work with your identity verification API. It is necessary for developers to embed the identity verification code in the website with minimal engineering and maintenance.

24/7 Support

When you are catering to national and international customers, you need to be ready to serve them 24/7. System glitches can happen anytime and prevent users from using your services. Hence, the service provider should also assign a dedicated account manager who manages the main channels, sends your requests, or demands a solution to resolve issues at your end.

An identity verification service is expected to become necessary for all businesses to serve customers well and prevent fraud. This post mentions things you can expect from your identity verification service provider and clears any doubts about its services.

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