Improving Efficiency with the Right Delivery Tech

Delivery Tech

The dynamics of business has been evolving at a dizzying pace such that fortune 500 companies are suddenly finding themselves at risk of being pushed out of the business arena by smaller and more agile companies ready and able to quickly deploy tech innovations in the delivery of their goods or services.

Convenience has suddenly become a major factor in determining where customers turn to for their products. Great service and quality products alone do not seem to cut it anymore as many companies now strive to deliver these.

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Delivery Tech

There is hardly any industry that has not been hit by this new demand by customers for more convenient ways of accessing products and services. People no longer want to go to banks to access their funds or carry out transactions. People want to stay home or in their offices and order food from five star restaurants and hotels. You can read more about this here.

The list goes on…

Many companies have since realized that the convenience of getting their goods and services to their customers may be the difference between business success and failure. While many have started implementing delivery services that mean customers do not have to physically come to their outlets, they are also realizing that even as they make this transition, another challenge has begun to emerge and that has to do with the mode of shipping.

Technology is taking the center stage in practically every industry and the logistic industry is not left out. We’ve had Fintech, Insuretech and many other kinds of tech. What we now also have to deal with is Delivery Tech.

Delivery Tech as the Future of Service and Product Delivery

What exactly is Delivery Tech? This simply refers to delivery driven by technology. Today we have different third party shipping services that employ some form of technology in the execution of their customer’s delivery needs.

This could be by way of third-party apps and platforms or other services like the Shiftpixy delivery service which operates within the client’s app. Whether these or the futuristic deliveries that will be done by drones, they all fall within the domain of Delivery Tech.

Another aspect of Delivery Tech which further emphasizes the move from physical one-on-one service is automated services or self-service.

Product Delivery

Automated/Self Services

This is something that many of us have been experiencing for years now. Your ATM is an automated self-service machine that allows you perform important bank transactions like withdrawals, deposits and fund transfers without help from any human being. You simply click buttons or touch screens and your transaction is done.

You drive into a gas station and all by yourself you can access the product you need without anyone’s help. The same goes for other dispensing machines.

Let’s take a look at customer service and how many companies are quickly adopting AI and self-service to reduce wait times either on company chat boxes, emails or phone calls. You can simply make a call to a company and by clicking a few buttons as directed, you can have your issues resolved.

A few other examples include online airport check ins, self-checkout at stores and other such services. All of these combine to show the changing face of service and product delivery.

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Benefits of Delivery Tech

There are a number of obvious benefits that this development can offer both customers and businesses some of which we have already discussed above. However, for the purpose of clarity, we shall list some of these again.

Increased Efficiency

This technology largely brings about increased efficiency. With assistance from technology, the process from pickup to delivery is well defined and can be fully monitored to ensure maximum compliance.

Reduced Operational Cost

The fact that things are automated means less reliance on human resources which can be expensive. There is also the use of third party applications that remove from the company the need to set up, operate and maintain such a platform. All they need to do is pay a small fee to be able to use the said platform.

Better Customer Experience

In all of these, the customer usually comes out the better for it. This is because service delivery is faster because wait times are eliminated. Process automation also ensures that human error is reduced to the barest minimum.

Business Growth

For the business, with efficiency on the increase, operational cost cut down and customer experience also on the increase, the natural sequence of occurrences is that patronage will increase, leading to increased profit and business growth.


If you run a business and you’ve not given serious thought to how your services or products are delivered, then you may just be setting your business up for a fall. Take some time to find out how you can ensure that your customers and clients get your services or products quickly and at their convenience and you will experience business growth beyond what you thought possible.

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