Indian DIsposable Phone Numbers

Disposable numbers are numbers that are mainly used for temporary purposes. Most disposable mobile numbers can do all the work that an original number can do. You can call or text or even send and receive voice mails from anyone using your disposable number. It will protect your privacy and also get your work done. When contacting strangers, try using disposable mobile numbers that will protect you from hackers. Accessing anything these days requires a verification process. After you login or sign up to something you will receive an OTP (one time password), after you have entered the correct OTP you will be able to access your account.

A lot of money transactions take place by the verification process. The benefits of using a virtual mobile phone for such transactions are numerous. The virtual phone number that you will be using will be just like your original phone number but safer and without any complications. By using a disposable phone number you can easily bypass the process of OTP verification. Well, you can use disposable mobile numbers for a lot of things; try not to use it for something illegal or unlawful or you will get caught immediately and your number shall be banned. You can even face some serious consequences. In this article, we will talk about Indian disposable phone numbers

What Is Indian Disposable Mobile Number? Why use it?

Indian DIsposable Phone Numbers

Indian disposable numbers are made in India and can be only used in India. You can get Indian mobile numbers for everything, like prepaid postpaid and many more. Using disposable mobile numbers can save you from a lot of thefts and hackers. Recently launched sites ask for your personal details, the sites use you don’t use very often or the ones which you do not trust, there you can use Indian disposable mobile number and do your work. Since new sites are not so good with their security and safety, it is good to use disposable mobile numbers there. Hackers are always present in new sites since they don’t have many security measures yet. If you want to be more careful while using these sites, do not use the disposable mobile number of your own country. Also, if you are talking to somebody, try changing your voice a little while talking.

Disposable Phone Numbers Benefits

There are many benefits of using disposable phone numbers, some of which are:

  • Your personal details are much safer.
  • The disposable phone number is absolutely free.
  • The OTP verification process can be very easily bypassed.
  • The disposable phone number lets you receive SMS for free, that is you don’t have to buy a particular plan just for receiving messages.
  • Creating fake accounts with disposable numbers is very easy and fast.
  • No registration process is required. 
  • You can even use mobile numbers from different countries.
  • Some numbers can help you earn money.

How to get a Disposable phone number online for free?

Method 1

  • Open the disposable number site 
  • Here you will see the disposable numbers of the countries
  • Now chose the Indian number
  • Verify it using any site for example, paytm etc
  • Click on any Indian mobile number of your choice
  • Use the mobile number to verify your account or whatever you want to use it for
  • Now open the disposable site again and there you will get the OTP on the number
  • Enter the OTP code on the site in which you want to skip the whole OTP verification process

You are done! It was east, right? This is fast and easy to get a disposable number for free

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Method 2

In the above method, you have to use a website to get a disposable phone number. The below mentioned method will use an app to help you get a disposable number for free. This method will use an app called Voxox, which you can easily download from play store. Voxox gives you disposable mobile numbers for free; basically it is a disposable phone number app.

  • Download and install the Voxox from play store
  • After you have successfully done step 1, open the app
  • After opening the app, sign up or register for an account
  • You will receive $1 in your account immediately after to sign up.
  • Use this free money!

Method 3

In this method you are required to invest some money. But this method is safer than all the methods mentioned above. You have to buy a premium to use this method.

  • Visit the website free-sms-verification
  • Type your personal details like name and email, then select the package that you want
  • Last step, select the package that you want and start using the service immediately.

Benefits of using a premium service

Though getting the disposable mobile numbers for free might be your first option, but you should consider getting a premium service too. Some benefits of premium service are:

  • It is safer
  • Some also use bitcoin as their mode of payment
  • The premium subscriptions are valid for 30 days
  • You can use any Indian number for unlimited times
  • Easy to find any disposable number you want. 
  • Faster 

Lists of websites which provide free disposable mobile numbers

  • receive-sms.com
  • receivesmsonline.net
  • receivefreesms.com
  • sms-receive.net
  • textnow.com
  • freeonlinephone.org
  • receive-sms-online.com
  • pinger.com
  • e-receivesms.com
  • receive-a-sms.com
  • freesmsverification.com
  • receivesmsonline.com
  • smsreceivefree.com
  • hs3x.com
  • receive-sms-now.com
  • receive-sms-online.info

Above websites can help you receive sms online

 Final words 

These tips and tricks are only for educational purposes only. Though you can use disposable mobile numbers for a lot of things, do not use for illegal things. Numbers which are used for illegal things can be banned and that will be your responsibility. In India disposable mobile numbers are very cheap. You can buy some sim cards which you can keep entirely for this purpose. With disposable mobile numbers you can also create multiple accounts. It is reliable and safe method and is so much better than sharing your personal details on a site that you do not trust at all. All the methods given in this article are 100% safe and work properly. Sure the premium one is the best but you can use the others as well. 

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