Jailbroken PS4 – What can it do for you?

PlayStation 4 – or PS4 as it has been fondly referred to as, is the ultimate second home for the online gamers. We agree that it is a bit costly affair and not everyone can afford it. But still, every die-hard gamer has a dream in his or her heart to get a PS4 device at least once in a lifetime. However, there are options for you. The hacked versions of PlayStation 4 are available. A Jailbroken PS4 can indeed be a great possession for any gamer worth his salt out there. Why? Well, it presents a lot of advantages for your gaming. What a jailbroken PS4 do for you? That is precisely what we will discuss here in this article.

What can a jailbroken PS4 do in improving your gaming pleasure?

If you have a jailbroken PS4 with you, you are definitely on top of the world. The foremost advantage of a jailbroken PS4 would be its ability to play almost all pirated games. The PS4 will also be able to play homebrew games. Should I jailbreak my PS4? If that is the question that has been bothering you, go through the following reasons before opting for the same.

We list out the advantages you are set to get if you can lay your hands on a jailbroken PS4.

Free Games

One of the major advantages of opting for a jailbroken PS4 would be the access to free games that it offers you. No matter how expensive your favourite game is, you would not need to pay a buck for them. The hacked version of PS 4 can play even the newest games without any hassle.

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Get the games downloaded onto your USB device and then transfer them to your device. As simple as that.

Backward compatibility

A jailbroken PS4 will let you have access to games supported by the previous versions of the gaming console. That would mean you can play PS3 games on your PS4. Isn’t that a reward in itself? And it has one more advantage. Though the games are designed for PS 3, when you play them on a PS4 – the graphics will be upgraded according to your device.

Be a Developer

If you are into development, a jailbroken PS4 offers high end of advantages to you. You can install any custom console on your PlayStation with ease. You can even install Ubuntu or another operating system of your choice. A jailbroken PS4 will offer you endless options.

Cheats and tricks

Well, we play games for that extra kick that these games offer us. However, there are times when we are stuck at a level and there is no way to get ahead. Maybe we look for cheats so that we can get past the level one last time so that we can progress further in the game. If you have a jailbroken PS4, this will be a dream come true. There are several cheats and tricks available for a jailbroken device.

Better performance

A Jailbroken PS 4 device will ensure that you have the seamless experience of gaming. The high-resolution games and graphics will take you to a virtual world in the literal sense of the word. A jailbroken device is indeed a great option for the gaming lovers and experts out there.

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Customised content

A jailbroken PS4 will ensure that the content delivered onto your device is completely customized. It keeps track of your interests. This will ensure that the games delivered to you will be as per your likes and dislikes. You have a wider choice of content. The best part being you need to spend no money at all for getting all this content.

Are there any disadvantages involved?

Well, yes – there are some disadvantages associated with jailbroken PS4 devices. Some of them can be summed up as here below –

  • No Firmware Updates – A jailbroken PS4 will not receive any firmware update. If you attempt to update the firmware somehow, the jailbreak will be removed and you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of jailbreaking.
  • No online Gaming – A jailbroken device may not allow you to online games. For being able to play an online game, you need to sign in to your PlayStation account. Signing in to your account may not be possible with a jailbroken device. If you are an online gaming freak, jailbreaking your PS 4 may not be a good option.

Our Thoughts

Jailbreaking will definitely come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to your PS4 as well. It will offer you high-end customization options and a free hand in choosing the content as per your choice. What would you want to get back in return is what should decide your choice between whether or not to jailbreak your device. Before you move on to jailbreak your device, here is an important word of caution. As we said before, never go for a jailbreak if you love online gaming and cannot live without it. Then there is another risk associated with it. Never attempt to go online or attempt to upgrade your device. If Sony finds out that the device has been jailbroken, it may suspend your PSN account permanently.

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Well, have you jailbroken your PS 4? If you have, we would love to know about your experiences with a jailbroken device and the associated functionality. Do share your views with us. Do remember including both the positive and negative points alike as it will let us have a fair idea of the effects of jailbreaking. If you can list out any other advantages, disadvantages or risks – we would appreciate further.

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