How To Save Your Laptop Battery Life

Just like on your smartphones, the battery can give up on you all of a sudden – no matter you are in a meeting, or even sending an important mail. There are several ways you can employ to improve the battery life of your laptop. The strategies that you use for saving the battery life of your laptop are almost similar to those employed for your smartphones. We present you with best strategies to improve your battery life.

How to improve your laptop battery life?

You can use different approaches to saving your battery life. Taking care of your power consumption is what you should be thinking about if you really want to save your battery life. Reduce the power consumption as much as possible, though not to the extent of sacrificing your productivity. Here are a few ways you can use to improve your laptop battery life.

Switch on Battery Saver Mode

The Battery Saver Mode on your operating system is designed to make several significant changes to the functionality of your system. These changes are meant to improve your battery life.

The Mode switches off the unnecessary devices that are connected to your system. The Battery Saver Mode also limits the activities so that they consume less power. It also will help you by shutting down the unwanted apps and processes.

laptop battery life
laptop battery life

Your laptop normally is on the Balanced Mode. You will need to change it to Power Saver Mode by following the steps below.

  • Go to Control Panel, and look for Power Options.
  • Just check the box that reads Energy Saver or Super Energy Saver.
  • If you fail to see such an option, click on Show Additional Plans.

If you are an advanced user, you can tweak the settings of the plan further.

Disable unneeded devices and ports

Everything that keeps running on your laptop consumes power. The best way to reduce consumption is to turn off the functions that you do not use. The major power hoggers are WiFi and Bluetooth. If there are any peripherals that you do not use, turn them off as well.

Save laptop battery life
Save laptop battery life

Here is what you need to do to achieve that.

  • Go to Control Panel, and locate Device manager.
  • The Device Manager lists out the components by category.
  • Choose the components you would want to disable. Right-click on it and click on

While you are in Device Manager, you can disable any port that you do not use. Please take care that you are not disabling any critical components that may affect the normal functioning of your laptop.

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Take care of your batteries

If you take enough care of your battery, it will take care of you. These steps constitute to be a part of preventive maintenance.

If your laptop has a removable battery, make it a habit to clean the contacts. The dirty contacts can restrict the flow of power. You can use rubbing alcohol and cotton swab to clean the contacts. Though it may not be necessary to do it always, it could be required to let your battery drain completely.

Always attempt to keep your laptop cool. Keeping it clean can be helpful to avoid it getting heated up. The air vents need to be kept clean. Dust can be one of the major reasons for heat buildup.

Keep your system Tuned Up

An updated system will perform to its optimum levels. Always keep your laptop updated.  Windows provides you several options and utilities to keep your operating system tuned up.

To begin with, use the Defragmentation utility as frequently as possible. This will help you in retrieving the files quite easily while performing the day to day operations. A fragmented drive can take more time to access data. We are aware that an active drive consumes more power than an idle one. A properly defragmented drive will help you do things faster.

save battery life
save battery life

To defragment your drives, follow the steps below

  • Click on Start menu and search for Disk Defragmenter.
  • Do analyze the disk before defragmenting.
  • You can configure your system to perform defragmentation as per the schedule regularly.

Never defragment an SSD  ( solid state drive) as it can reduce the drive life.

Make it a habit to regularly keep removing unwanted programs. Keep your system decluttered. Another way you can keep your system uncluttered is to clear the cache of your browser.

Handle your memory properly

Maybe you think it improves your productivity, but putting your laptop to hard work can drain the battery faster.

We have seen some users opening ten or even 20 tabs open in their browsers, or launching several applications at the same time. This will use up all the memory that your system has and thereby slow down your laptop. Moreover, it will also be taxing your battery and reduce the backup.

Limit your tabs to the bare minimum. Do the same with your applications and software. This method is called Simplifying. Avoid using complex applications when your work can be done with simpler ones when your battery is about to die.

Upgrade the laptop components

Ditching your hard drive and opting for an SSD can be an effective way of making your battery last longer. SSDs have no mechanical rotating parts and as such, tend to be energy efficient. Moreover, SSDs offer better boot times and faster performance.

Adding more RAM to your system can help you keeping your system more energy efficient. RAM serves as a temporary storage for the information that a program pulls from the hard drive. If your system has more RAM, it will be required to pull fewer data from the hard drive.  As we said before, a reduced hard drive activity will mean less power consumption and increased battery life.

The Final Thoughts To Save Your Laptop Battery Life

That would conclude our brief discussion on how you can improve the battery life of your laptop. The steps outlined above should ideally be helpful in sorting out most of your issues with respect to the battery problems you may be facing with your laptop.

Do you use any other better options for the purpose? If yes, you can share your strategies with respect to battery saving.

Happy Battery Saving!!

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