Why Laser Cutting Technology Could Be Exactly What Your Business is Looking For


The demands of modern manufacturing are such that many of the parts that you may be used in the process of making a product require a level of precision and have such microscopic features that only laser drilling will be able to do the job.

The requirement for laser drilling micro holes is just one aspect of laser cutting technology to consider and this micro-manufacturing process offers your business a whole host of possibilities.

Here is a look at how laser cutting can benefit your business and some pointers on how to find the right machine for your needs.

Versatility gives you so many manufacturing options

You want to be able to adapt to new demands as part of your drive to keep your business moving on an upward trajectory and that means you have to be versatile when the situation requires it.

This where laser cutting technology scores heavily. It is a common line of thought that you need to pursue a manufacturing approach that is based on economies of scale and automation, with mass production being considered the most cost-effective way of creating the finished product.


It can pay to think outside of the box, especially when a different approach can give you a competitive edge and laser cutting technology allows you the chance to pursue that strategy and still turn a profit.

Laser cutting is a versatile option and that means you can even undertake one-off projects that are not cost-prohibitive.

Enjoy a high level of accuracy

In addition to enjoying a good level of versatility, you can also add accuracy to the list of benefits attached to laser cutting.

It is often the case that laser cutting technology is able to deliver a level of accuracy that is very hard to achieve with alternative manufacturing methods.

One example of how this accuracy can give you an edge is the fact that the technology is capable of cutting to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1mm, which is a level of precision that is very hard to achieve with other technologies and methods.

Being able to achieve the very faintest of cuts in the perfect place on the template is a level of accuracy that creates plenty of options when you are designing a product.

Manufacturing errors could be a thing of the past

With the best will in the world, even the most skilled machine operator is prone to making mistakes from time to time, as that is basic human nature.

When you are using manual cutting machines you are relying on the skill and dexterity of the operator to get the calculations and application just right, but it is fair to say that you are always leaving yourself exposed to a margin of error which can compromise the quality and finish to a certain extent.

Laser cutting is also highly skilled but the fundamental difference is that you are relying on digital technology rather than the skills of a human operator.

What you get with this technology is a process that is not prone to variations unless you program then in, and without that margin for human error, you should be able to produce a product that is high in quality and accuracy every time.

Getting the job done quickly

Speed, as well as accuracy, are a winning combination when it comes to manufacturing and this is one of the distinct advantages that laser cutting technology can offer your business.

There are two areas where you will be able to speed up the manufacturing process overall.

The main benefit is that the technology is often capable of achieving the mass production of components at a faster rate than some other options, but the other key point to remember is that it can often only take a few minutes to change the program and operation of your machine if you need a bespoke item.

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Being able to make changes this quickly is a positive attribute and a good argument in favor of using laser cutting technology.

Fulfilling repeat orders

Being able to react quickly to a new requirement or having the ability to adjust your production process when you need to is a definite advantage and another notable point to consider is the fact that fulfilling repeat orders become easier as well.

Laser cutting technology is designed to store data relating to all the tasks you have asked the machinery to do previously, which makes it easy to process a repeat order in a matter of minutes and a few keystrokes setting the job up.

Even if you need to make some changes this time around, it is also easy to make some minor adjustments without having to start over again.

The ability to work with a variety of materials

Laser drilling is adaptable to a wide selection of materials, so it is possible to manufacture using ceramics, glass, metals, even semiconductors, and the technology will cope perfectly well.

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With such a level of versatility, you have the ability to use a manufacturing method that creates microscopic features that no other form of current technology will be able to match.

Fiber technology offers more opportunities

When it comes to deciding which type of laser cutting machine you should invest in there are several options to consider and a number of questions you need to answer in order to guide you toward the solution most suitable for your business.

The industrial market for laser cutters has been dominated by two specific technologies, CO2 or COCO2, and solid-state fiber lasers.

Fiber lasers are the newer technology and offer the advantage of lower operating costs and higher cutting speeds in comparison to their CO2 counterpart. Bear in mind the application you will be using the cutter for as well, and talk through your requirements with your supplier so that you end up with the right technology and cutting tool for your specific current and future needs. All things considered, laser cutting technology could be a great manufacturing solution for your business.

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