How Millions of People Are Making Money Doing Simple Gigs Online, and You Can Too

Freelance Writer

We now live in a deeply connected world. A company who needs a website in the Netherlands can find a web designer in the Philippines. In the age of the world wide web, anybody anywhere can earn a living from the comfort of their own home with nothing but a strong internet connection.

Here is your handy guide on how you can join the millions of people already making money online, and where to start.

Becoming a Freelancer

Freelancers have the ultimate job flexibility. Whether you need a full-time career or a couple of hours of work at the weekend, freelancers are truly the masters of their own careers.

Freelance Writer

Freelancers provide a service, like a blog or landing page writing, customer service assistants, software engineering, web development, graphic design, illustration, or marketing. There are numerous ways to find clients. You can reach out to companies directly, create a website to showcase your skills and portfolio or join a freelancing database like Upwork.

Make Your Own Blog

If you have something to say that other people will find interesting, then chances are, you can create a successful blog. Take your hobby or passion, create great content and build your audience, then you can start making money.

There are several ways a blog can make you money. The most common way to monetize a blog is with adverts. These can come in the form of banners, Google AdSense, and accepting sponsored posts from companies who want to promote a specific product. You can also accept guest posts from other bloggers who are starting out. If you have enough traffic, you can charge these bloggers fees for publishing their content on your blog.

Sell Homemade Products

For creative types and fledgling artists, the digital market is a goldmine of potential customers. You can create your own eCommerce store to sell your products, or use a larger platform like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

Drop Shipping

400;”>Drop Shipping is becoming increasingly popular as it is a “hands-off” way of selling a product and starting a business. You simply find a business selling the products you want to sell to consumers and offers a drop shipping service, then create a website which allows customers to purchase the product through your site.

Every time you make a sale, the manufacturer ships the product to the customer. You make a profit from charging your customers a higher rate than the original manufacturer.

Online Teaching

If you are a qualified teacher, there are plenty of teaching opportunities online. You can offer tuition alongside student’s full-time education, create an online course in a specific subject, or teach a subject on an online platform.

Survey Completion

There are a number of websites which offer financial rewards, or gifts for completing surveys. Companies always need to carry out extensive market research ahead of product launches. They approach large online survey websites, which can offer a small cash incentive to thousands of potential consumers in exchange for their opinions. It won’t be enough to live on but can provide an extra financial windfall to make ends meet.

Apart from these, you can play some other tricks to make money online. You can play lottery online and also there are many alternatives available to make money. You just need to do efforts and nothing else.

The possibilities for online earning are endless. The dot-com boom may be over, but the arrival of the gig economy has given everyone the opportunity to earn money from home.

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