How to Make Sure Visitors Are Safe When Visiting Your Business Premises

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If you are welcoming a visitor to your business premises you want to ensure that they not only receive a warm welcome and gain a good impression but you would also want to be sure that they stay safe during their time with you.

You can use visitor management software to keep control over who is in the building and other aspects of their visit and it would also be a good idea to have some robust health and safety procedures in place so that visitors and staff are looked after properly.

Here are some pointers on how to keep business visitors safe when they pay you a visit.

It starts with a risk assessment

You really can’t expect to keep proper control and ensure the safety of visitors without first having a good idea as to what steps you need to take to ensure that the potential dangers they face have been accounted for.

The first step in your safety procedures is to complete a risk assessment in order to identify all the potential hazards that have the capacity to cause harm without taking steps to counteract these threats.

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Carry out a thorough walk-through of all parts of the building and make a note of all of the risks that you need to account for. This review should be ongoing and reassessed every three months, preferably.

Slip or trip hazards are a top priority

The most common causes of reported accidents tend to involve someone slipping or tripping as a result of a safety breach where obstacles should not have been left or surfaces were not properly inspected.

Check for any potential slip or trip hazards and arrange to provide appropriate warning signs and other safety measures that help to avoid someone suffering an injury while on your premises.

Above head height

If your business premises have racking or storage units there may be a potential risk posed by objects that are being stored above head height.

Part of your risk assessment should involve identifying any potential dangers posed by objects that could fall from a height and one way of maintaining safety would be to provide markings on the floor where people can walk safely.

Don’t forget outside areas

When it comes to maintaining the safety of your business premises that also includes the need to keep outdoor areas safe, especially car parking facilities and walkways.

Try to arrange your car parking so that pedestrians and vehicles are kept as far apart from each other as possible.

Space can often be limited and if that is the case it is a sensible idea to create designated walkways that allow pedestrians to walk safely between the car parking area and the premises.

Make sure you use plenty of highly visible signage and warnings in and around the building so that all visitors to your premises are made aware of your safety protocols and are kept away from danger as much as possible.

All visitor experiences should be positive and if you can keep everyone safe while they are on your premises it should help to enhance the relationship overall if they feel looked after and safe.

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