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Ideas to Make Your WP Site More User-Friendly


If you have a WordPress website, you are probably well aware of how important it is to ensure that the audience has the best possible experience.

Of course, a lot of aspects depend on the website itself. But there still are some universal truths that one cannot deny. In case you are still relatively new to WP and website development in general, consider implementing the ideas mentioned in this article when you are creating your website.


Having a plethora of available plugins happens to be one of the biggest advantages of the WordPress content management system. It is no surprise to see that the majority of websites are developed using WP.

Different website owners will have different needs. For starters, you will certainly want an Analytics plugin as it is necessary to keep track of data if you want to improve and make adjustments to the website that actually make sense.


Something like an automatically generated ToC plugin for a WP site that you can find on HeroThemes might also be of use, especially if you are working with a lot of data and would like to create a solid knowledge base.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of great plugins on third-party websites. While the official WP marketplace has most of the options you need, you can find a lot of great stuff on other websites.

Social Media Buttons

Social media profiles have become an inseparable part of businesses, brands, and even random websites you encounter. Not seeing social media buttons or failing to find related channels on the most popular platforms would seem too weird at this point.

The reason you should include social media buttons is not to incentivize people to share your content. That is all well and good, but do not neglect the fact that seeing great content makes them explore the brand more. And social media happens to be a place where like-minded people gather to discuss various ideas by joining groups or commenting on social media pages. There are some brands that have forums, but they are not as popular nowadays due to the role social media plays on the internet.


The emphasis on search engine optimization is not surprising. A long-term strategy is hard to carry out to the end, but businesses try that despite the fact that sometimes the odds are against them.

Ranking higher on search engines will establish you as an authority in the industry and raise brand awareness. People will choose you over the competition, and attracting more loyal members will help create a stronger community. The more people there are to discuss various topics related to the brand, the better it is.

Some people might join for the product or services at first, but they could stay because they enjoy the community you have managed to build over the years. Often overlooked, but do not discard the importance of how a sense of belonging somewhere makes people more loyal to the brand.

Good Hosting

A good hosting plan should also be on the list of your priorities. The quality will depend on how much money you can afford to spend, but do not pick a hosting provider that is questionable and super cheap. The money you will save is not worth it if the site has to go down often.

And it is not just about the uptime. Loading speed also plays an important role. If people have to wait for a page to load for too long, they will simply not bother with your website and go somewhere else. 

All in all, even if your content is interesting and attracts a lot of site visitors, it will all be for naught if they cannot access it. Make sure that you have a solid hosting provider.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

The number of smartphone and tablet users continues to increase. It is projected that about half of the internet traffic will come from mobile devices by the end of 2021.

Not optimizing your site for this demographic can be quite costly. You stand to miss out on about half of your audience. And while a site is still accessible using devices other than desktop computers or laptops, it is not the same if there is no optimization for smartphones or tablets. Pick a theme that is user-friendly for all devices.

Add Visuals

The content variety itself should also keep things more interesting. Things can get pretty stale after a while, and when you notice that you are in a period of stagnation, try to introduce some variety

Create infographics, embed videos, and ask other content creators to guest post on your website. Doing so will keep your fans more engaged and give them another reason to visit the site more often.