Marketing Automation: A High-Level Overview

Marketing is one of the most important business practices as it has the ability to usher in and sustain business growth. The one problem most marketers encounter is its repetitive and manual nature. Things like reaching out to prospects, writing emails, and getting new blog posts published are all done multiple times during the course of a marketing campaign. Marketing automation can and does make things easier by taking care of all the repetitive and manual aspects of marketing, leaving marketers to concentrate on the more important aspects of their jobs.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is simply the process of using software to automate marketing tasks. This software is designed to help marketers prioritize tasks and execute them at the right time, which makes the marketing process much more efficient and streamlined. 

One misconception is that marketing automation can render marketers irrelevant or redundant. That is simply not true. Marketing automation makes marketers much more effective by freeing up and leaving enough time to ensure the quality of content and marketing material being released, while also helping marketers reach their goals faster. 

Marketing automation makes the tasks that bring in the most revenue easier, bringing in new leads and converting those leads into customers.

Using Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the examples where marketing automation improves efficiency a lot. Instead of sending emails one after the other to your prospects, automation lets you space those emails out. This ensures you are nurturing your leads and prospects through the sales process and not pushing them away by spamming their inboxes. Just make sure you have the right contacts so you won’t be wasting your efforts. Use an email address scraper to get to the right person in charge.

Marketing Automation

Automation lets you craft highly-targeted, personalized messages that address a customer’s particular barriers to purchasing, therefore making it much more likely they will purchase. 

It is about giving them the information and options they need when they need them. This makes their purchase decision easier, thereby increasing your conversion rates and revenue.

Doing Marketing Automation Right

Marketing automation can make a marketer’s life easier, which tempts them to automate everything without tailoring that process to their goals. The point here is using marketing automation in a way that makes sense for both our customers and us. For example, if a customer is ready to purchase, we could send them an email with a coupon code that makes that decision easier to make. The goal here is to make more sales, and automation tells us it is time to send the email and what it should contain.

Doing marketing right also calls for sending the information people want. The best way to do this is to segment people into groups based on certain criteria. Through the integration of different apps and software together, PieSync can help you get started. PieSync integrates different software such as Mailchimp and Google Contacts, which allows the segmentation of customers as soon as they fulfill certain criteria. You can then tag them and add them to the relevant mailing list so they receive highly targeted emails. PieSync does this and a lot more by making your marketing and automation apps work together.

Lastly, you should make sure you keep current customers happy and engaged. It is true that older customers are easier to sell to than it is to cultivate new leads and turn them into customers. Your automated workflow should take this into account and allow you to send segmented, highly-personalized emails that will make these customers keep coming back.

What to Avoid When Doing Marketing Automation

While it is easy to get marketing automation right, it is also very easy to get it wrong. A common mistake is sending generic emails and marketing materials. While this may work for the general public, it will not work for the people on your mailing list. These people chose to give you their email addresses and would appreciate it if you sent them relevant emails. Targeted and relevant emails also lead to improved open and conversion rates, which makes the time it takes to make them relevant worth it.

Forgetting about customers who have already purchased is another pitfall many marketers fall into. Businesses are always chasing new customers, which can make it easy to forget the customers who have always been there for you. It is, therefore, important that you give this group of customers some attention.

Although marketing automation can be about selling, it should mostly be about nurturing. Ideally, you should avoid hard selling and instead focus on sending relevant content that aligns with what your customers need. Using automation tools makes it easier to align your marketing efforts to your goals, regardless of where the customer stands in the purchase process or if they are new or old customers.

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