Benefits of Medical Coding Automation

Medical Coding Automation

Technologies, nowadays, have made lives easier and better. It has changed the way people live their lives in terms of the production and consumption of resources. Technology has also changed the way people learn, the way people travel and how people communicate. Technology has made things more convenient and through this convenience, output has risen in all industries exponentially.

The goal of tech is to make things easier for humans. One of the first technologies invented was the wheel and it was invented to be able to move things faster than just carrying it. Some prehistoric tools can be considered as early technologies like knives which made hunting and cutting easier than just using bare hands and farming tools to be able to till the land and even dig wells. Click here to learn more about prehistoric technologies.

Medical Coding Automation

Today, advancement in technology is focused on artificial intelligence and predictive technology. Artificial intelligence is programs that try to mimic the human brain where it is capable of learning things and applying them. There are a lot of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and it has helped in many industries as a lot of things are now autonomous and do not need regular human control.

Many programs are learning to act like humans and are even getting better at humans. No human can now beat a computer in a game of chess. The last person to beat a computer in chess was a Russian-Jewish Armenian Chess master named Gary Kasparov. He beat the IBM supercomputer back in the ‘90s but lost to the supercomputer Deep Blue in 1997 and never won again. Even the best chess player now won’t even waste his time trying to beat a supercomputer. Magnus Carlsen, today’s world chess champion refuses to play chess with his computer as he knows it will just beat him. Visit this link to learn more about artificial intelligence:

benefits of medical coding automation

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Another focus of technology is prediction. It uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to gather data and used different platforms in solving problems and predicting outcomes. This is what most people refer to analytics. It is used in all fields and all industries as it maximizes output and makes work more efficient where all decisions are data-centric even to the micro-level of management.

Another aspect where techs like these have been used is in the medical profession. One of the most difficult parts of the medical field is not just medicine itself but also the paperwork. A lot of money can get lost just because of the wrong paperwork. Billing can become erroneous and some things are under-billed due to wrong paperwork. Artificial Intelligence together with analytics is used to automate medical coding in hospitals. The combination of both can effectively increase precision in billing.

Here are some benefits of medical coding automation:

Saves Time

Coding automation programs like the ICD-10 have the capability to go through a lot of patient data and show only what is relevant to what you want to check. It can go through a patient’s complete medical history and visits so that it will save time for the physicians. The program can go through the data regardless of its source and even when it uses words and jargon that are already outdated. These programs are made in a way to understand doctor’s notes even when they are handwritten. This program gives physicians the data that they need and can even recommend the right action to be taken.

Fewer Mistakes

One of the main goals of using AI to automate medical coding is to reduce mistakes which will lead to expenses for the hospital. With the help of AI automating the coding, there are fewer chances of errors by the encoders. These programs simplify their work to ensure that everything is done right. The system also checks the encoded data to make sure that it coincides with the sources. This way, bills are double-checked before they are sent out.

Using technology in all aspects of the business will surely benefit those who have stakes in it. It can, however, hurt the works as it will eventually take the jobs of others. Nevertheless, there is always hope that there will be jobs for everyone in the future.

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