How To Combine and Merge all PDF in One PDF File

Merge all PDF in One PDF File

PDFs are a popular file format which has gained enormous popularity among those users who want to share their confidential documents but want to have the assurance that no one can edit or copy the data from them. BY converting your confidential documents like resume legal documents, you can be assured of getting complete protection. Apart from just converting the document, making them copy and edit proof the protected file, you can also add passwords to them which will enhance the security and safety of your data.

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Merge all PDF in One PDF File

However, it is not always possible to get a perfect pdf in one go. There are cases when you need to edit the PDFs or delete some information from it, and there are chances that you need to merge two or more PDFs into one. However, your default PDF reader may not have the option to edit and merge the PDF files and to perform this task correctly you need to take help of third-party tools or software that are specialized to merge the PDF files on one go. Let’s have a look at a few possible ways by which you can easily merge your PDFs just by making a few adjustments in the settings. So, read further for some of the easiest yet most reliable ways to merge the PDF files without consulting an expert.


IF you are looking for an online way to convert the PDFs and do not want to install any additional software on your PC, then the PDFMerge can be the ultimate solution for you. The only thing you need to do is to browse the files you want to merge and click on Merge. Once merged, you can either send the link of the merged file to an email address or download it directly on your PC. Additionally, you can download the app to merge the PDF without connecting to the internet.

  1. PDFSam

If you were after an open source desktop application that can be used to merge, split, edit the PDF freely, then the PDFSasm Basic is the app you are looking for. The PDFSam basic is a brilliant tool that not only helps you manage your PDF files better but also will help you merge, split, add details to the file that too completely free.

  1. is another online tool which enables the users to combine two different PDF files with just a click. Apart from combining the PDFs, you can also convert the PDF from numerous other file formats and compress the PDF files to make it easier to transfer from one PC to another.

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So, these were the three utilities that can be very beneficial for you if you are looking for a reliable way to merge, split or edit your PDF files flawlessly. So, try them and then choose the way that perfectly fulfills your need to have a PDF merger and splitter on your PC. By choosing any of the above-listed ways of managing the PDF, you can be sure of getting flawless results that too in almost no time.

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