Mobile Dating Applications for Dummies

You do have your smartphone with you all the time. It really comes in handy when you need to kill time, as it can do practically everything. You can check your feed on Facebook, find some interesting information, text your friend, watch some funny video, etc. Apps available in the App Store or Google Play can beguile you with useful or entertaining content. Perhaps, one of the most popular apps today are dating apps. People don’t want to be lonely, so they are in a constant search of romantic partners. No wonder, dating sites create their mobile versions to provide their users with uninterrupted access to their dating profiles and therefore possibilities to finally secure a date with someone worthy.

A lot of people are using dating apps, but not all of them use them effectively. Here are some essential tips to enhance your online dating performance.

Step 1: Pick quality and meaningful profile photos

What you should realize is that the photos you upload to your dating profile are actually you. At first sight, the idea of looking for potential dates assessing people by their photos may appear superficial. However, the same happens in real life. A woman’s attractive appearance is the main excuse you approach her on the street or in a bar. After that, you talk to her and see whether you want to have a relationship with her. The same happens when you use a dating app. Your potential matches judge you by your photos as you judge them by theirs. Many men instantly fall for Ukrainian women profiles.

If there is the limited number of photos you can upload, then choose the most appropriate ones. Make sure you have at least one photo where your face is clearly visible and one shot taken from a distance so that it demonstrates your physique. The first type of photo is an ideal choice for the main profile picture. Other photos should include a picture of you and your pet, some photos that show you involved in your hobby, some vacation shots, and a funny selfie.

Avoid setting a group pic as your main photo. It should be a solo shot for an obvious reason. Also, make sure that all the photos are of good quality as it influences how potential matches perceive you. If you’re that kind of person who doesn’t have many photos, ask your friend to help you get some really good pictures or order a professional photo session.

Step 2: Write a compelling bio

Once you’ve picked and uploaded the best photos, get down to writing your bio. Strangely enough, many people ignore this section thinking that those who get interested in them will get to know them while chatting. However, profiles without much information are rarely “swiped right” or contacted, so that chatting may not happen at all. That’s why it’s important to write some essential facts about your personality.

The main rule is to be concise and sincere. Different apps give you a different amount of space for your bio. That can be limited to 500 characters or have no limitations. Even in the latter case, you shouldn’t write too much, as you’re not asked to provide a story of your life. Write what you think your potential matches should know about you. Avoid enumerating your virtues, likes and dislikes, hobbies. Include only the most vivid facts. Add a bit of sense of humor, and you’ll create a catchy bio.

Step 3: Be active and interesting

When your profile looks full and attractive, start searching for matches. Contact as many users as you wish to boost your chances to find a soul mate. Come up with a catchy opening line. It can be a compliment, a question, or even a joke. The dating pool is quite crowded, so you need to make your initial messages stand out in order not to be ignored.

About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

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