How Much Are Branded Headphones Actually Worth

Branded Headphones

Majority of people love to have an outstanding sound, no matter what’s their profession. It’s always a good thing to have a loud sound accompanied with deep bass for an extraordinary experience. It’s not a strange thing that people are investing a huge amount of money in sound systems and headphones to enhance their experience. For instance, gamers are the group of people who really need to have a high-quality sound as it has a huge impact on their gaming skills. If you’ve ever played a game on PC or console, then you know that sound improves the overall experience. If you’ve ever checked the best headphones that are currently selling on the market, you will notice that only a few brands are favorite among people. It’s interesting that somehow these brands are the most expensive ones too. If you’re a person who is looking to have an outstanding experience when it comes to sound, does it mean you need to buy expensive branded headphones? In this article, I would love to address one thing; how much are branded headphones actually worth.

Do You Actually Need Expensive Branded Headphones?


The first question arises when it comes to buying a new pair of headphones; do you actually need expensive branded headphones. It’s an interesting question many people ignore and just go for expensive headphones in the hope these will produce a better sound.

Is it a truth?

Well, it’s not necessary that if you invest more money in headphones your sound will be better. It’s simply not the case in today’s market.

Expensive headphones are usually manufactured by renowned sound companies that are in the business for decades. It means these companies have active and costly marketing campaigns to get these gadgets available to the masses. They are spending enormous sums of money for these marketing campaigns and it’s logical they will increase the cost of the product to cover these marketing expenses.

If you do the research of headphones or headsets that are currently on the market, you will notice that brands stand out when it comes to price.

If you do the further analysis, you will notice many headphones with great features and positive reviews of people who’re using it. When you check the companies that produced these headphones, you will merely find any marketing activities.

The reason for a lower price in that way is definitely the lack of marketing actions toward customers.

What About Sound Quality?

Branded Headphones

Alright, now then you know that branded headphones are more expensive because of extensive marketing campaigns, it’s logical to address the sound quality.

If you ever have branded headphones on your head listening music, you will probably be amazed at the sound these are producing. For example, if you put Beat by Dre headphones, the first thing you will notice is a loudness and deep bass.

Now, if you ever had a chance to put cheaper headphones and listen to music, you will be amazed how bright is the sound. I have a great experience with using Sennheiser HD202, headphones for less than 50 dollars.

Also, the thing I noticed at the first second is that my Sennheiser out blown Beats by Dre regarding sound quality.

Another interesting thing is that Beats EP costs around 130$ which is more than 80 dollars difference between the prices of two compared headphones. I concluded that 80 dollars cheaper headphones definitely have a better-quality sound from all aspects.

You can rather invest these price difference in getting a better sound card which will ultimately deliver you the highest-quality sound you can imagine. If you don’t have a proper sound card then you can’t expect your headphones will reach their potential regarding the output of sound.

In my opinion, if you have a specific budget, it’s better to invest half in “cheap” headphones while another half should be reserved for the high-quality sound card. That way, you can be sure that you have the highest-quality sound that will enhance your overall experience drastically.

How Much Branded Headphones Actually Cost?


Here is the most interesting part of this research; How much money manufacturers spend to produce a pair of branded headphones.

We’re talking only about production process while marketing campaigns are set aside.

In this part, I will take Beats by Dre as an example. When you check many magazines and sources, many data show how much these headphones actually cost to produce.

Beat by Dre headphones

Here’s the exciting breakdown of material costs used to produce Beats by Dre headphones. When you add up every material, you roughly get a whopping amount around $20.

The retail price of these headphones averages around $200 which is 10 times higher than actual production cost. The company is putting a lot of money in their pocket just for selling one pair of headphones.

These headphones don’t produce an extraordinary sound at all. Many cheaper headphones actually have a better-quality and deeper sound than Beats. You may ask yourself why these headphones are so expensive then?

The answer lies in their marketing expenses. Their marketing campaign is very expensive to keep as they are promoting their product on many channels including TV, billboards, social media and another form of internet marketing.

You’re actually paying for low-quality headphones so much to cover the company’s marketing costs.

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As you’ve already realized, if you’re looking to get the highest-quality sound possible, then you won’t aim to get branded headphones. Brands are spending enormous amounts on marketing and the uttermost consumer is paying for that instead of sound quality.

It’s better money investment to get cheaper headphones and sound card that will improve your sound quality even further.

Would you like to spend your $200 on the product that actually costs the company less than $20? What’s your opinion on that?

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