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Need a Background Check? The 7 Best Sites

The reasons for running a background check can vary, from employment requirements to check out a potential first date. They are used to verify a person’s identity, particularly to validate that a person is who they claim to be. Online checks can include employment, financial, educational, social media, and criminal history.

Finding a reputable website for your background checks is imperative, as confidential information needs to be safeguarded and protected. Always make sure that the website you’re using protects confidential information and secures any data carefully.

To help you get started, here are the seven best sites to use for background checks:


  1. CheckPeople

Service Type: Monthly subscription service with updated reports every time you pull the information from the system.

For users that are hoping to get top-grade functionality from an easy-to-use platform, CheckPeople has everything you need for comprehensive background checks. With the ability to pull detailed reports with minimal information, the platform uses multiple databases and sources to retrieve information. Their reports include all criminal, financial, social media, employment, and judgments.

  1. Background Report

Service Type: Monthly subscription service with basic and premium checks available.

Ideal for anyone wanting a do-it-yourself option, Background Report offers a digital report for employment checks. The platform pulls information from multiple databases in real-time, so you’ll have access to your report effortlessly. They also include liens, judgments, business checks, and bankruptcies.

  1. GoodHire

Service Type: Subscription services designed for all employment screening. Discounts are available for large bulk orders.

Offering pre-employment screens to business owners, GoodHire offers an easy-to-use interface that makes the screening process simple to navigate. They stand as a hassle-free online option for business owners in need of screening services.

  1. US Search

 Service Type: Multiple subscription options, with varying payment arrangements. They offer individual pricing for reports too.

Although the website may not offer the prettiest design, this website allows individual reports with multiple search options, depending on what you’re trying to search. They do offer comprehensive reporting for any of their search targets, but the marriage documentation occasionally lapses in the reports. As a result, there are a few results missing pieces of data that should be included.

  1. Verified Credentials

Service Type: Charges are for individual reports, depending on the type of background check needed.

Having been in business for 36 years, this online platform works to offer comprehensive background screening for both personal and commercial purposes. Although they aren’t an instant background check (they typically need 1-3 days to prepare the report), they provide comprehensive services from identity information, education verification, employment history, and more.

  1. Instant Checkmate

Service Type: Monthly subscription for multiple searches through the payment period.

They also offer separate services for reverse phone lookups and private investigation.

Using social media, public records, census information, and more, Instant Checkmate works to offer a high-end user experience for anyone wanting a background check. The user experience is smooth and easy to follow, making it streamlined from start to finish. It offers a well-organized report on the completed checks, ensuring accurate and dependable results.

  1. Infomart

Service Type: Contact the company for a demo and to inquire further

Besides offering background check information, InfoMart works with clients to develop and establish pre-employment procedures that tailor to specific industry requirements. These screening services can include any potential staff throughout the company, including interns or suppliers.

A Few Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Background Check:

a.  Always make sure to review the online privacy policy and any information disclosures listed on the website before purchasing. A reputable website will always explain how your information will be used and collected, which is important for confidentiality. Look to see if they have any agreements with third-party vendors for selling your information.

b. Keep in mind that occasionally background checks will contain errors and mistakes, despite having the proper files. Things like stolen identity, mismatched files (especially when a similar name holds negative records), and fraud can occur at any time.

Whenever possible, always allow the individual to explain what the records are or dispute the content altogether.

c. Stick with paid background checks whenever possible. Many times, free platforms will offer false information to collect your details. These details can be used for malicious purposes like identity theft.

Most reputable background checks will use databases to compile their information and will send them as a separate attachment after purchase.

d.  Check for online website reviews whenever possible before making online purchases. Always be sure to check for reviews that relate to accuracy and detail in the report before submitting your request.

Although most websites are thorough, reviews may indicate issues with accuracy or report findings.

e. Read the fine print before accepting terms and conditions of sale. Like any website, it’s always wise to read the terms and conditions before joining a platform that collects personal information.

Pay attention to any subscriptions, payments, cancellations, or terms you’re unfamiliar with. Although contracts can be difficult to understand, most try to detail any legal jargon in a simple to understand terms whenever possible.

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