Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, PCs, MAC, Linux

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Most the Nintendo know exactly what a 3DS Emulator is, for those people who do not know. A Nintendo 3DS Emulator is an app specially designed to enable a user to play or use the app available in Nintendo on a Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, or Linux. To make it simple, it is something that allows Nintendo apps and games to be used on OS like Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, MAC etc.

 There are several different Nintendo 3DS Emulator available on the market right now. Each of them come with a same or different feature or could be compatible with different OS. However, after the long procedure of testing almost every Nintendo 3DS Emulator available today, here is the list of 10 best emulators.

    1. My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator
    2. NDS Boy! | Best DS3 Emulator
    3. MegaN64
    4. NDS Emulator for Android


  1. DraStic DS Emulator
  2. Citra Emulators for PCs
  3. NeonDS
  4. R4 3DS Emulator
  5. NO$GBA
  6. ideas | Best 3Ds Emulators

My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is free of all cost and is one of the best Emulators available on the Google Play Store today. This app is supported on devices with Android versions, as low as, 2.0 and runs on low-end phones without any issues or errors. The trial version would have ads popping up in between the game. However, the pro version would remove the ads. The app also allows the user to sync the game data to the Google Drive and later on use this data to continue playing the game on other devices.

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NDS Boy! | Best DS3 Emulator – This 3DS Emulator software is designed for mid-range phones with a minimum system specification of 2GB RAM and quad-core processors. This app offers the user with a customizable setting like movable buttons, portrait, and landscape view options. The software also comes with autosave option that saves the pain of playing the game from the beginning if the game crashes. Unlike other Emulators, this app allows the user to save the game according to his/her preference.

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MegaN64 – This 3DS Emulator is designed with the Mupen64+ as its base. It is an open source and one of the most efficient sources. Therefore, it is one of the top working 3DS Nintendo Emulator available for Android OS. The app comes with specific improvements made by the developer to enhance its efficiency to work with Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S4. The app is also compatible with Android versions as low as 2.0.

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NDS Emulator for Android – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator comes with straightforward controls and a smooth interface. The app is free to be used with apps and the pro version comes with a reasonable price. The app allows external controllers like keyboards and multitouch. This software can also stimulate controller vibrations ad this, in turn, could provide a Nintendo like experience to the player. The app also allows the user to load .zip archives in the game.

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DraStic DS Emulator – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is one of the top emulators that allows the user to play games at super fast speed. The app allows the user to customize the 3D graphics option on high-end devices. The app also supports external controllers like Xperia Play and Nvidia shield. The players can save and restore the game at any time. One of the notable things about this software is that it comes with a big database of cheats for almost every game. The software also offers a feature to save and share game files with Google Drive and other online cloud storage.

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Citra Emulators for PCs – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is designed to be used on PCs with Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. This app is one of the most commonly used Emulator in the world today with millions of active users. This app is an open source and works on almost every version of PC OS.

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NeonDS – This is one of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator available for the PCs. The software is free of all cost and has comparatively lesser annoying ads popping up in between.

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R4 3DS Emulator – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is yet another top Nintendo emulator that is compatible with personal computers. This app could be compatible with most of the Nintendo games and apps. The app allows the user to personalize the controls like the user’s preference.

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NO$GBA – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is one of the free Emulator software available on the Internet today. However, the user can purchase updates, which is expensive as they are paid through in a volume.

Click here to download –$gba-download.htm

Ideas 3DS Emulator – This Nintendo 3DS Emulator Is best recommended for playing games like Super Mario 64 DS, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl versions and other games. This app could be installed on Personal Computers and could run smoothly without any errors.

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These are some of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulators available for Android, Personal Computers etc. Click the link and download software.

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