No More Distraction While Doing An Important Task With Freedom App

With the emergence of smartphones and the internet, it has been found that people do not part with their device and remain glued to it even during the time when they need to concentrate on their work. The Internet is indeed a boon but also poses great difficulty every time when an email or any notification shows up on your phone or in the tab. It is a distraction that hinders a person to concentrate fully on the work an individual is doing. While doing an important work if you turn to check your email or any other notification on your phone, you lose time and eventually fail to complete your work on time.

Reduces distraction

With modern technological development at a rapid pace globally, it has now become easier to block all your apps in the mobile with which you get distracted the most while doing important work. The app developers with their in-depth knowledge and skill developed an application for the people across the globe to block some of the applications that create a disturbance while the people do important work. It is known as the freedom app. The software not only blocks the mobile application but also blocks websites.  It is compatible with all operating systems and even the most upgraded version of an operating system will find the software compatible.

Features of the application

If you are thinking that your productivity has reduced over the past months this is because of your too much involvement in cyberspace. When you have an account on a social networking site, you feel the urge to check the notification every now and then and want to see the upload of your friends and when an email pops up, you check that too and in the process, you’re losing the most precious hours. All these shift your focus from your work. But with the freedom app, you can increase your productivity. The app includes the following features:

  • Target those which you want to block that phone calls, internet access, or Bluetooth. You can block all to increase your focus.
  • Options for choosing strength that is the light mode or strong mode for blocking.
  • Compatible with all devices.

Reason for using freedom

There are several reasons why people across the globe have embraced this app.  In research, it has been found that every time you check your email, social feed, and notification, the mind needs 23 minutes to re-focus on the task. If you have multitasking skills, then it gets reduced by 40% when you spend too much time in cyberspace and moreover you develop a habit of distraction which can have a severe impact on your work. Using the freedom app enables you to focus on your work and you no longer get distracted. The habit which you have developed that is to check now and then the internet gets eliminate with this application.

Parents are benefited

It has been found that children over the years are getting attracted to the internet and eventually they get to know such things which are not meant for their age.  Children are also getting directed to the wrong path because of the impact of the internet on them. But with the freedom app installed on your mobile or the software download to your PC, you no longer have to stay under constant tension what your child is doing on the internet. You can now hand over the device to your child by blocking the apps and will not worry anymore.

User guide

You might have heard the name of the freedom app but does not how to use it. Does not worry as the application is user-friendly and a novice person can handle it. All you need to do is to download the application from the app store to get started. After you are done with the download and installation of the app on your device, you need to create a freedom account. Get yourself register and start using the app. For the registration, mention your name and email address. When you sit for any important work, you will surely want to focus on the work. So before you start the work, block the apps on your device by setting a time, and begin your work. The apps will unlock automatically after the scheduled time.

Plan and price

If you are interested in downloading the freedom app on your phone and get started then you have to pay for the service. Anything which is essential does not come free of cost and this is no exception to the particular app. There is three plans for the users: monthly, yearly, and forever plan. For the monthly plan, you have to pay $6.99 per month with unlimited access to the app. When it comes to the yearly plan, your monthly amount will be $2.42 every month and for the forever, plan pays only $119.99 and enjoys unlimited access to the app forever.

Take the trial

If you want to find out how the app really works before you pay for it then you can take the trial for 7 days. The trial session is completely free and with it, you get 7 free blocking sessions. You will surely in love with the app after trying the trial session. So use the trial version and see the wonder the apps do thus enable you to improve your productivity.

Money-back guarantee

When you download the freedom on your device, you stay assured to get your money back if you feel after using it for some time that the app is not working perfectly for you.  Under the monthly plan, there is no money-back guarantee. It applies only to the yearly plan and forever plans. The company will return your money with 60days. So if feel dissatisfied with the application, contact the customer support executive, and state your problem as well as ask for the process of how to claim your money.

Secure mode of payment

The company uses an industry-leading online payment gateway for their billing need. They never store any private payment information of the customers and the transactions are all secured through SSL. They make use of Chargebee for getting payment from the customers. The company accepts payment through credit cards, Amazon payment, and PayPal. So make the payment using whichever option is convenient for you. You are not locked into a contract with the company and can cancel at any time and in annual and lifetime plans you will get your money back from the company within 60 days.

An outstanding app

With the existence of innumerable internet blocking software, it can be said that the freedom app undoubtedly tops the list. The app is matchless and with the use of this application, you can increase your productivity and at the time when you do not want to get disturbed by emails, a news feed, and notification. To know the benefit the app offers, download t and start using it on any of your devices. Technological innovation has made it possible to develop this amazing app. Millions of people across the globe are using this app on their smartphones. Enhanced productivity and improved focus on particular work are what the app will do. Indeed it is an addiction to checking now and then what the internet is beckoning and you must put a stop to it using this particular app.

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