NOC, NOC: What You Should Know about Network Operations Center Software


In 2018, more than 50% of data breaches were caused by external hacking. Enterprise networks face internal and external threats on a daily basis that put valuable data at risk. With network operations center software, this risk is substantially mitigated.

If you’re wondering about the details of NOC software, take a look at this helpful guide and see if it’s right for your business.

What Is Network Operations Center Software?

Network operations center (NOC) software is a centralized platform that helps businesses monitor their databases, firewalls, and overall network. NOC software enables businesses to keep an eye on these matters 24/7.

In the event of a network crisis, like a virus, NOC software is your business’ first barrier of protection. Network security engineers and technicians work together to monitor and manage the platform. With all endpoints monitored and managed at once, security issues get handled quickly.

Network Operations Center Software Benefits

The benefits of NOC software focus on keeping your network’s system safe and backed up. New enterprise businesses with a large-scale network also consider the potential cost and ROI of implementing NOC software.

Data Corruption Protection

Businesses that work with and store a lot of data might lose it all in a second if the data gets corrupted. To prevent this, NOC software safely backs up data on the network on a regular basis.

Easy Troubleshooting

Network technicians have access to every device connected to your business’s network. This makes troubleshooting easy because technicians can remotely connect to the device and patch the issue. This is especially helpful when handling issues from clients who can’t visit your business in person for troubleshooting assistance.

Remote Installations and Updates

Technicians can also remotely download network updates and install new software on any device connected to the network. Immediate and remote upgrades keep the devices on the network safe and free of potential security gaps.

24/7 Threat Monitoring

Threat monitoring is the bread and butter of NOC software and helps ensure your business is free from network attacks, security discrepancies, and more.

Network technicians work with the platform to monitor firewall and network security issues before they arise. NOC software also helps businesses monitor their entire network and protect it from attacks coming from outside sources.

Does Your Business Need Network Operations Center Software?

NOC software is essential for enterprise businesses with multiple large networks. Manually keeping track of multiple networks is impossible without assistance, and NOC software is the perfect platform for thorough network security monitoring.

With NOC software, businesses should consider implementing one or several network security technicians that are trained to help monitor and manage a NOC platform.

Boosting Security With NOC Software

Enterprise businesses must stay alert of all potential network attacks to prevent compromising valuable data. Attacks from outside sources, viruses, and even outdated software all have the potential to harm your network security system. By implementing NOC software, you’ll ensure the safety of your system.

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