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Before going further with the topic; you should first need to know about the concept of POS. POS means Point of Sale is actually the perfect combination of both hardware and software systems specially designed and developed for centralizing business operations. When it comes off the gas stations POS systems; it gets a little bit complicated due to the reason of complicated operations and convenient storage. The POS systems for gas stations and their pricing differ as per the grade of the petroleum and the geographical region to it belongs.

Generally; gas stations use a combination of three software solutions enabling it to do multitasking such as filling, retailing and food servicing. Due to the involvement of different tasks such as building, managing, and operating it gets really difficult to manage and run gas stations by using single gas station software. Therefore, for making it easy and convenient for you; we are here with top three POS systems for gas stations.

  1. AccuPOS: – AccuPOS is one of the finest gas stations POS systems offering you the easy accessibility to all devices. You can easily access this wonderful petroleum POS through Android as well as through PC. AccuPOS is one of the most powerful and durable accounting tools that comes up with a very reasonable price tag that you ever had. If you are willing to have enhanced results; you can easily sync it with Quickbooks or Sage. Some of the amazing features of this wonderful petroleum POS are:-
  • Real time saver: – AccuPOS is one of the most powerful accounting tools which when properly synchronized with Quickbooks or Sage offers you enhanced results. This wonderful tool offers you the facilities of synchronizing your financial data and hence saving a much of your precious time while working on books. AccuPOS has made the concept of accounting just a matter of few clicks. You can now easily save as much of your time while calculating the taxes.
    • Quick and easy training: – AccuPOS is one of the best sources that prevent you from the burden of training your newly hired staff. Just install this wonderful tool to your gas station POS systems now and enjoy working on a fast track.
    • Simple and user-friendly interface: – It is one of another reason why we prefer you to choose upon AccuPOS as your Petroleum POS. The software interface of this wonderful tool is developed to perform simple and intuitive tasks and hence one doesn’t need to have some special skills to work on. It is one of the best platforms that your new employees can also work on easily and comfortably.
    • Fast clock-in integration: – AccuSHIFT is actually a wonderful addon to your petroleum POS that enables you to enjoy fast working on different projects. This wonderful source offers your employees the facility of the clock in and out right on the sales screen and hence offering an automatic data updation on your timesheets.
  1. CStorePro: – It is another one of the most amazing gas station POS system that offers you control over your gas station from different parts of the world. This wonderful petroleum POS is based on cloud-based technology offering you an easy and quick interface to work on. CStorePro is one of the best platforms that offer you the facility of doing different jobs from the comfort of your home. You can now easily do flexible training, watch training videos and a lot more without spending any amount on them. This wonderful software tool is well designed and engineered to offer you low-cost plans and hence quite efficient of offering awesome generation and intuitive inventory control.
    • Simple and user-friendly interface: – CStorePro includes a very user-friendly and intuitive interface to work on. This wonderful tool offers you an easy platform and makes it very easy to the managers, employees, and owners of the gas stations to work manage and operate them very easily without having any special training for that. Just get this software tool on your device, and start working from anywhere you want.
    • Cloud-based back office: – One of the best thing about CStorePro is the presence of first ever cloud-based back office and first mobile price book; that makes it really easy for you to control and manage your data. This wonderful tool is well designed and developed to work effectively on this scale and for adapting the changes going on the data.
    • Security comes first: – One of another thing about CStorePro that makes it really unique from the others is the security it offers to your data. CStorePro takes a special care about the safety and security of your data and hence protects it with full safeguards. The entire data is being stored and backed up in the data centers and hence you don’t need to worry about the data leakage and deletion.
    • Customized Support: – CStorePro offers easily customized support offering you the availability through phone and remote screen as well. Now, you can easily select the solution as per your desire and go through different queries as well.
    • Automated day reports: – It is another wonderful feature of CStorePro that enables you to get automated day reports so that to check out the daily entries easily.
  1. POS Nation: – POS Nation is another one of the most amazing and efficient inventory control that enables you to easily manage your stock effectively. This wonderful software application tool takes a special care about the sales reports, tracks employees and also enables you to enjoy custom barcode printing without making many efforts on it. It is really the best handheld tool to perfectly handle the operations of your financial status along with productivity. Some of the amazing features of this wonderful tool are:
    • Automatic generation of POS: – Now, you really don’t need to create a track and send purchase orders manually to your clients. It has become really a matter of just a few clicks with the help of POS Nation. It automatically generates and manages all the control over POS.
    • Handheld inventory source: – POS Nation is one of the best gas station POS systems that work effectively and performs a quick scan of its data as well. It is one of the finest handheld inventory sources that helps you in decreasing the inventory data errors effectively and hence enhances the performance.

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