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7 Reasons Why You Need to Be Using a Website Traffic Checker


Did you know that the average internet user spends over 4 hours online every single day? With so many hours being spent on the world wide web you might want to look into using a website traffic checker to make sure your business stays ahead of the competition.

Keep reading for our top reasons why you need a website traffic checker as soon as possible. 

Know Your Visitors

An important reason to know where your traffic is coming from is to get to know your visitors. The more you know who is visiting your site the more you will be able to enhance their user experience. If they love using your site they are going to tell others about it as well, in turn, increasing your traffic.

When you work with a local SEO service you can learn whether your visitors are male or female and where they work and live. Knowing this information will help you make informed decisions about what type of content would perform best with your visitors. 

Understand Your Best Content

Another reason you want to keep an eye on your website traffic analytics is to know which content is the most popular. You are able to see how much time the average person spends on each piece of content you have and how high the bounce rate is for each post. 


This will make it easier for you to optimize each page for better engagement. The pages that have a great amount of traffic you can add more call to actions (CTA) such as purchase links, and buttons to help boost your site conversions. 


One of the best ways to catch errors is when you are tracking your site traffic. It makes it easier to identify any possible website errors such as duplicate tags, duplicate URLs, broken URLs, and webspam. These types of issues will affect the traffic volume that you receive every day and your site performance on different types of devices and different browsers. 

If you notice a sudden drop in traffic one day it will make it easier to play detective and figure out if the drop was due to a site error. Sometimes it can be hosting problems or 404 errors. Catching these types of issues ASAP will lead to a boost in traffic instead of going months on end with low traffic and without knowing why it is happening.

Know Your Cart Abandonment

If you sell products on your site, it is important to know how many people do not follow through with a purchase. Knowing if your cart abandonment is high can help you work on improving your conversions. You can figure out why people are adding items to their cart but are not making the purchase. 

You can also set it up with the right traffic checker to understand when exactly the cart is being abandoned. Are they exiting at the payment page? Then maybe you will want to see if it is shipping costs that are turning them away or an unfriendly design. 

Either way, once you identify the reason you can optimize your checkout process and eliminate the areas that were hurting your user experience. 

Know Your Busiest Time

Learning more about your traffic visitors will help you learn when your site is busiest during the day. You can then plan all of your campaigns and content strategies around the times when your site receives the most traffic. You can keep an eye on the busiest time, day of the week, and week of the month. 

Do not forget to check the session duration, which shows how long a visitor spent on your site. You will be able to have a much higher marketing success rate by publishing content at the right times. 

Help Your SEO

Most people would agree that their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of their business growth. The reason is that the more organic traffic your site receives, the more conversions and leads it gains. 

You can gain insights on your site’s backlinks which you can use to reach out to the websites that you are driving traffic to via the links you share on your posts. Reaching out to those websites with partnership offers is another great way to increase your own traffic. 

Track Your eCommerce Metrics

If you are selling physical products, online courses, software, or online services, then knowing your sales reports inside and out is crucial. This might be one of the most important analytics that you will want to understand. 

You can use tools to show you not only your total revenue but also your conversion rates, your top referral sources, and your top products being bought. With all of this information, you can create strategies to help you gain even more customers and more conversions. The more details you know the more your traffic will skyrocket. 

Ready to Start Using a Website Traffic Checker?

Now that you have our top reasons for why you want to use a website traffic checker, you can start looking around for the one that best fits your needs. Website tracking is essential for any business to capture key information about their website performance. It is also an important key when you want to stand out against your competition.

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