Sarahah App – The Popular Tool For Anonymous Commenting

Sarahah app

Practically unknown till quite recent, there is one app that went to become a chartbuster in the shortest time ever. Coming under the genre of social messaging apps, Sarahah app attained popularity by coating up the ladder among the downloaded apps. The app is not limited to a particular region or platform in terms of popularity. The soaring popularity of the anonymous commenting app even made the other social messaging apps making a choice to introduce the concept of anonymous messaging in their services as well. What is Sarahah and how does work? We will make an attempt at understanding the app in its full glory.

Sarahah App – An Overview

Sarahah is an anonymous commenting app specifically meant for the Middle East. Well, at least initially. The app made its presence through the social limitations in the Middle East. It offers an option for the co-workers to share information about each other. In fact, the face to face social interaction was something that was not preferred in the region and this is the reason for keeping the interaction between the members of the community anonymous.

Sarahah app
The app grew popular in the region and went ahead to become one of the preferred apps across the globe quite soon. Sarahah app had its beginnings in the form of a website for the employees to share information anonymously about their employers. The app was a huge success in the Arab countries. Sensing the popularity of the app, the developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq launched the global version in English.

Quite soon, the app went on to become a hit in the US and caught the attention of the teens to be more precise. Launched internationally in June 2017 – the app has grown much popular in the US and other regions around the globe. In fact, the app has a lot in common with the similar apps that were launched in the past including Yik Yak and Secret. However, Sarahah remains to be the first app that has found itself catapulted to the level of success that it has been to.

How Does it Work?

Sarahah in Arabic means Candour or honesty. That is exactly what the app wants you to be – as much candid as possible about your thoughts. And it believes in being anonymous to be honest. In fact, the purpose that the app was developed is to let you understand your strengths so that you can improve on them, and take corrective actions on your weaknesses. The honest feedback that you receive from your friends and employees would help you make improvements in yourself.

If you are a member, you would be able to find the other members. If you have any message to share with any member, you should be able to do that privately, and most important anonymously. True to the principle on which the platform has been built, it expects you to come up with a constructive suggestion that you may have for the member or your employer. If you are not happy with anybody sending you anonymous messages, you can apply filters to your account. That way, you can be selective about who can send you messages. But, but, but… you cannot respond to the messages that anyone sends you. That would be quite helpful in avoiding any kind of confrontation.

How is the Sarahah app being received?

Well, the enthusiasm that the app has been receiving should stand a testimony to the popularity that the app has been enjoying. The developer claims that his app is meant as a means of promoting frank and honest expressions. The app has been designed as an option to transcend through the social interactions.

There are several social barriers that would prevent an effective communication. There can be several barriers and some of them can be age, position, and education. Breaking these barriers is what you would be able to do – thanks to the anonymous nature of the comments you would be able to make.

However, there are several other consequences that may arise because of the issues one may face it being the anonymous commenting app. Similar anonymous commenting apps in the past have had a few negative consequences. The users may feel no fear for any consequences because of the lack of identity for the ones who send the messages. There have been concerns about the cyberbullying issues as a result of the anonymous commenting app. The app store reviews have indicated increasing incidents of racist messages and bullying of severe nature. However, not all messages tend to be along the lines of being racist or of bullying nature. Reviews and reports suggest a mix of both mean and good messages.

How To Connect Your Instagram Account to Instagram?

SnapChat recently came up with an update to the Sarahah app so that you can use the two apps together. If you are a User on both SnapChat and Sarahah apps, you can make use of the new linking feature to be able to link both your accounts.

The steps involved in linking your SnapChat and Sarahah accounts should be quite simple and easy. Follow the steps here below for an effective linking –

  • Download and launch your Sarahah App
  • Create your Sarahah profile
  • Create a Snap and tap on the Attachment icon at the top
  • Type in the Sarahah account URL.
  • SnapChat will save this profile link for future use
  • Now you can send the Snap to your friends through the message, or post it to your story.

That does it. You have successfully linked your Sarahah account with the SnapChat. Your friends can leave the anonymous messages in the Sarahah box that appears on their screen while viewing the Snap. You can find the messages in the Received Messages tap under your Sarahah profile.

The Social Implications

Well, the Sarahah app has been quite favorable with the teens. Not that it comes with any flashy interface or any attractive screens. But, the way it has caught the attention of the users, especially teenagers can be an indication of the emotional turmoil that the members have been going through.

Sarahah can cater to the people showcase the negative comments that they receive so as to garner consolation. It can also be the medium they can use to brag about themselves and their achievements. We would consider a great option for the ones who are going through emotional issues so that they can vent out their negative feelings out and feel the relief. Having said that, it can also be used for spreading negativity. Being anonymous will let people share those things they would never say on someone’s face. From that perspective, it can what they use to hate mongering.

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One of the positives that we would expect from the app is the fact that it can be the right way to share the turmoil and any issues that they are going through. We have seen members sharing their harrowing stories of death threats, loneliness and sexual harassment that they have gone through in their life. The easy way to vent out the constrained feelings can be a great reliever and can help in a better mental health.

What Does the Future Hold?

Well, that should be a valid question, but the answer is quite confusing. The app has been developing a considerably enviable user base. The popularity of the teenagers is the key to success when it comes to the social networking place. Sarahah app should not be an exception. The popularity that it has been enjoying with a huge fan base among teens should hold true for the impending growth.

Of course, it needs to compete with the host of social networking services that have gone popular enough. Facebook, SnapChat, and a few lesser popular apps should be what it would need to compete with. If it can sustain its development and growth, it can possibly be the next biggest social network platform. Everything would be dependent upon how will it be able to keep up with its competitors and improves its growth factor further ahead.

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