How to save money when using your electrical appliances

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Every month your utility bills come flowing in and it causes your heart to ache doesn’t it? If you are looking to help cut down on your monthly expenditure, allow us to help you in the area of electricity bills. This is because an estimated ten percent of your electricity bills come from surprising places. It may also be helpful to know more about how the singapore power electricity tariff is calculated.

When you put your appliances on standby mode, do you know what is actually happening? We assume that less energy is being used as we are not using the appliance. In fact, standby mode means that your appliances are still using up electricity to keep them in a mode that is awaiting their next alert into action. In fact, are you aware that the same amount of energy is being used by these devices regardless of whether they are turned on or off? Here is a list of some applications that might be draining your electricity without your knowing it:

This is the list of remote-controlled devices and the estimated voltage they use up:

  • LCD Computer Monitor: 55W
  • Computer/ Laptop: 73W
  • Televisions: 48.5W
  • Satellite TV Box: 33W
  • Video Game Console: 64W (this is a shocker because it might be turned off, however, it like the computer, is always ready to be reactivated again)
  • Cable Box: 30W

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Devices that do not require a remote control but still consume quite a bit of electricity:

  • Clock: 4W
  • Wireless phone: 5W
  • Answering machine: 8W

Here for some devices that you would not really think of when it comes to electricity consumption. This is mostly because these devices still use electricity even when it is turned off and not being charged:

  • LCD monitor (computers): 4W
  • Plugged-in laptop: 50W
  • A desktop computer in sleep mode (83.3W)
  • Surge protector: 7W
  • Air Conditioner: 1W

These devices listed here are just a few examples of electrical leaking. Surprising isn’t it? Now in order to reduce the amount of electricity being wasted or leaked out here are a few things you can do.

How to reduce electricity usage

Kill-a-Watt energy monitor

One way would be to get yourself a Kill-a-Watt energy monitor. This is a very useful device that can help you to monitor the amount of energy your electrical devices are consuming. To use this device, you attach it to the wall and then get the device to read to you the differing energy usage. Using this can help you to understand which device is causing you to pay more in your electricity bill to decide whether or not you should leave the plug on or off.

Another good thing about the Kill-A-Watt energy monitor is that it is able to tell you just how much money the electrical device is costing you and the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted. This is a handy tool to not only save you some cash but help you to be more aware of how your devices impact the environment.

Bestek Energy Saving Power Strips

Another thing you could do is to get one of the Bestek Energy Saving Power Strips to help you eliminate the big energy wasters in your apartment. The strip acts as a surge protector that helps you to control the electricity usage of your television peripherals. This can be done by simply plugging your television into the Bestek Energy Saving Power Strip. With this power strip, if your television is switched off, it will automatically shut down the television’s standby power.

As such, no energy is being leaked or drained when the television is turned off. When your television is on, the standby power is turned back on too. So it works together with your television. The television is not the only device you can use the strip with, try it on your computer too.

Unplug your devices

The easiest method would be the unplug the devices that are not in use when possible. Doing this immediately cuts off all potential electricity leakages from happening. In fact, we encourage that you do this and also have the power strip in place. This is especially the case for office areas, which is where your computers, speakers, fax, and even router are likely to be.

Your gaming space should also have power strips and you should unplug the wires from your video game console, television, cable box, and satellite when they are not in use. Lastly, the kitchen is also another area that you should be doing this. Appliances such as the microwave or toaster oven can be unplugged especially since they are not in use all the time.

Use Smart Plugs or Smart Surge Protectors

You can also invest in Smart Plugs or Smart Surge Protectors. Smart Plugs are compatible with both smartphones and tablets. This then makes the process much easier for you as all you need to do is download their application to help you turn your devices on and off. What’s more, there is a function that allows you to schedule the timings to which these devices are on and off. An example would be a D-Link myLink Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

As for the Smart Surge Protectors, they are able to cut off power to equipment that is not in use for a period of time. This is done through their power-saving outlets, what’s more, this happens automatically, making it hassle-free for you! An example would be how most of us leave our computer switched on without using it, thus letting it go on to be on sleep mode. The Smart Surge Protector will detect this idle device and immediately cut the power off, helping you to save electricity.


There are many loopholes when it comes to electricity usage. As seen above, there are many devices that are a huge culprit to electricity leakages. This then means that we are wasting money on electricity that we do not even. As such, it is important to invest in either surge protectors or power strips to help reduce the amount of electricity being wasted. What’s more, we should be more aware of what is going on in our house when it comes to electricity.

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