How do you save your privacy when shopping from a shared computer?

Advantages of Using Logistics Management Software

The e-commerce industry has changed the concept of the traditional shopping industry. Even famous actors and actresses are buying unique designer clothing’s from online stores. Things are not only limited to the fashion industry, traditional household items, tech products are also available in the online market place. To be honest, possibilities are endless when you shop online. 

People often prefer online shopping since they think are not in the mass crowd. They can browse thousands of products and get the best deals. But things don’t work like this in real life. Hackers are continuously trying to get access to your sensitive data. And when shop online via shared computer things you are getting more exposure to the hacker’s community. In this article, we will learn how to use the safest search engines like Privado to search hundreds of products via shared computers.

Use a private search engine

You need to use private search engines like Privado while browsing other websites or searching for relevant products in the online market place. Private search engines never keep the digital footprint of the users. They offer a safe gateway for the users so that no input data from the user end gets stored. They never use cookies to get access to the sensitive information of the users to improve the user experience. 

Advantages of Using Logistics Management Software

The private search results algorithm often works more efficiently and offer relevant search data when it comes to online shopping. Moreover, when you browse the internet in a shared computer without using the private search, chances are high you will not be able to use VPN since you won’t have administrative privilege.

Only provide the mandatory information

When you shop online via a shared computer, you might protect your identity by using safe search engines. But this is not enough to complete the transactions in the e-commerce sites. You need to give relevant information to complete the transactions. In such cases, provide only the mandatory information so that you are not fully exposed to the hackers. 

Once you complete the checkout, you need to delete all the information from the browsers. Make sure you never keep the browser open before leaving the shared computers. Your actions tell a lot about your personality. So, try to complete the transactions with minimum information.

Use incognito tab

Though safe search engines protect your identity in a very smart way, you need to focus on additional options to reinforce your security while using the shared computer for personal purchase. For instance, you can use the incognito tab offered by Google chrome. Incognito tabs don’t track the user’s actions via cookies. 

Most importantly, it automatically deletes vital information like credit card details, bank account details, user addresses as soon as the browser closed. But this doesn’t mean you start purchasing products from the insecure web portals. Be aware of the phishing sites since the vital data received from the server ends can be used by the hackers.

Use the secured sites only

You need to use the secured sites while shopping in shared computers. Unless you shop in secured sites, private search features offered by Privado will be of no use. It’s more like shopping via phishing sites. The first thing you should consider the HTTPS section. If the websites miss the SSL certificate, there is no reason to order a product. The SSL adds an extra layer of security for your transactions since the data gets encrypted from the server end. 

Unless the website is fully secured, you should never shop online via shared computers. And never use a fully loaded credit card since it can result in heavy financial loss in case of the major data breach. Think about safety before you complete a purchase on the shared computers.

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