SQLBak Review: Backup your SQL Server When and Where you want!

One of the most common problems that are faced by a business firm is the backup of data. The secret behind every company’s success is their confidentiality as they tend to have a pretty solid database to support all of their blueprints and future plans. Without a good database, a company is nothing, to be honest.

There are many business firms which regularly backup their files to their database, giving them access to their important files whenever they need. But quite honestly, backing up data manually is a chore to do. What if we told you that there’s a simpler way to do so without actually breaking a bank.

SQLBak – SQL Server Backup

SQLBak is a service which allows users to conveniently backup their files and data to their database. This database can be cloud based or a locally operated one, SQLBak is compatible with both. There are numerous SQL Server Backup services available in the market, but SQLBak stands out by providing some noteworthy features that no other service does.

·        Free to use

Yes, SQLBak offers a free version in which you can take backup of your important data to your locally operated Database. There are very few data backup services which let you do the same for free. If you are looking forward to doing, even more, you can definitely shed out a little cash and subscribe to their Standard or Professional membership which costs just $6 and $9 respectively and allows you to upload your data to cloud-based storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc. not only this, the Professional version also comes with AES Encryption to ensure that your data is 100 percent safe.

·        Schedule Backups

SQLBak allows you to schedule your backups. This comes in handy when you have a busy day and not so busy night. You can schedule SQLBak to backup all your files at night so that your operations are not affected by the backup process. Similarly, restoring is as easy as backing up your files.

·        Access files from anywhere

Since SQLBak has an application to offer, you can log in to your account which you have created at SQLBak and access classified data that was earlier backed up to the database without any hiccup. This is by far one of the best features of SQLBak as other backup servers have also tried to do so but have failed miserably.SQLBak, on the other hand,has done an amazing job.

·        Server performance and health checks

No other server backup service will tell you about your server’s performance or health. SQLBak has accomplished this as it continuously keeps a check on the health of the SQL servers and also notifies the users on their registered email if something is wrong with the server. Similarly, if the performance of the SQL server is not up to the mark, SQLBak sends a mail to the email specifying the problem and how to solve it. SQLBak eliminates the need of hiring a professional to repair your SQL server as you can do it on your own which also saves money of hiring a professional to do so.

NOTE: The Performance and Health check and notification tool are only available in the Professional version which costs $9.

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·        Backup files to multiple destinations

Most SQL Server Backup software allows users to upload their important data to the locally managed database only. This creates a problem as you will end up losing your data if your locally managed storage system crashes. Amazingly, SQLBak not only allows its users to back up their files to local storage devices like FTP, HDDs, Serversetc. but also allows them to maintain their backup on cloud based storages as well. This means you can easily set up your Microsoft account to enable SQLBak to upload the data to your OneDrive or set up your Google account on the Google Drive. DropBox and Amazon S3 are also available as an option, so if you use any of the cloud based storages, you can easily log in to proceed.

To know more about how to download and set up the SQLBak application on your SQL Server PC, Click Here.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about Sqlbak.com, and I am sure if you are using SQL database, you would love to use their service for backing up your DB.

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