Summoners War Mastery: 4 Things You Need to Remember About Runes

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If you are already a fan of Summoners War you will know that runes are the things that can give you the ability to equip and power up your monsters in order to be able to make the more battle-hardened and stronger overall.

There is always going to be a healthy debate when trying to agree on the Summoners war best monsters and that’s because the criteria used to establish where each monster ranks is determined by a number of key factors, such as which ones are considered to be the most irreplaceable and how many different places you can use that monster in.

To get the best out of your gaming you will want to know all about runes and how best to use them for maximum effect.

Using rune clots for each monster

A big point to remember is that there are presently six rune slots available for each monster and how and when you set about equipping each monster you will enjoy bonus stat effects.

It will take you a while to get the hang of what each rune slot can do and when you can use it to best effect.

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For example, if you use a swift rune, the set effect is attack speed +25% and the drop locations are Giant’s Keep and Mt. White Ragon. You would use the swift rune to supply support units that heal or buff your team or for units that can cause damage based on speed.

Aim to learn about the various runes and their set effects as well as the various drop locations and when to use each one. The aim is to try and achieve the best runes possible by way of targeted and efficient rune farming.

Using mana stones

Powering up runes will cost you mana stones and this will have the effect of increasing the stats on that particular rune or it might add new stats altogether.

The level of the increase in powerThere is always going to be a healthy debate when trying to agree on the Summoners war best monsters and that’s because the criteria used to establish will vary according to the rarity of the rune and it should correlate that the higher the rarity value, the greater the increase should be.

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You will have to be mindful that you can only power up each rune a total of fifteen times and your ability to power-up will also be influenced by the rune level.

Flat and main stats

As you may be aware, every rune comprises of a main stat and the most popular one by some margin is percentage-based one on slots two, three, and six.

The majority of players will invariably sell flat stats, simply because they are considerably weaker than percentage-based runes.

Farming runes

Once you have grasped the basics on how runes work the next step is to set about farming runes of the highest quality for your monsters.

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You will discover that the best runes within the game are farmed from the three dungeons, dragons, giants, and necropolis.

If you are a free-to-play gamer on Summoners War it would be a good strategy to build a team that has the highest success rate possible as this will allow you to get the maximum number of runes for your energy and crystals.

Getting the right rune builds will help you to progress on the Summoners War as quickly as possible.

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