Top 4 Technological Advancements That Changed the World of Entertainment

Ever since the internet is found, the digitalization has affected Entertainment World to transform into its next level that made it available very close to people. Films, Games, TV Programmes, Music, Sports, and Live Chatting have become the trendy way of entertainment.

These technological advancements in the field of the Entertainment have changed the attitude of the people towards it; the content made has always given its value and shared among millions. It also enabled the creator to earn easily with least effort that gave birth to self-made musicians, filmmakers, photographers, other artisans, and personalities.

As I said, the major asset of these techniques is that every publication is being preserved to reach unlimited audiences for an unlimited time span.

The discovery of gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets have influenced the entertainment world which makes people enjoy the amusing stuff from anywhere of their choice.

However, the enhanced entertainment world does have a downside. Yes! It made people get more addicted towards it. The piracy of contents is the other thing that affected the artists and companies very badly. While the risk of inappropriate materials came into action, people became aggressive towards using it when the children are around.

To minimize the negativities, there are some significant innovations taking place in the environment industry. There is quite a good effort made by the top technology based companies to take care of the issues that are caused troubles in the industry like the Parental Controls and Privacy Protection measures.

It is evident that the Technology Advancements has impacted the field of Entertainment through some significant innovations and let’s talk about them now!

4 Major Tech Innovations That Boomed the Entertainment

  1. Social Media

The Social Media has revitalized the whole internet, and I can say it had changed the whole humanity that exists now. It has started with the Social Networking Sites that Networks or Connects to your friends and family, even more specifically the Facebook, the Twitter, the Instagram and the Google’s expired social network Orkut like stuff had brought major changes to the Internet.

Social Media

It acts as a medium to connect with people by share, chat, comment, tag, any contents like thoughts, images, videos, etc. It had made too simple and quick to reach out any one you like in seconds and even get them replied to you.

Social Media is also becoming a major source of news that allows anyone to make their story trending about anything quickly to reach all over the world. Hence the Social Media could be said as the new way of entertaining yourself.

2. Streaming Sites

With the rapid growth of the Internet and supported media, the sources of Music, TV and Movie entertainment kept changing, and it is now crowned by the Popular Streaming Sites like YouTube, Netflix, HBO GO, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Groove Music, etc.

The so called streaming is an alternative to downloading, in which end-user consistently receives the file upon viewing or listening to the content rather than downloading the entire file before consuming it.

The streaming services are becoming much accessible and affordable, providing with unlimited contents include audio, video, and documents. Live streaming can be done using the internet connection on devices like TVs, Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets. The users can also stream the live Channels from different radio networks and television channels.

The Netflix is the most popular streaming website for movies and TV Shows after the Google’s video sharing website, Youtube that also shares live videos and music online from various famous media publishers. Almost all of these sites provide original and legal contents that are being licensed directly from its production houses like the Narcos, The House of Cards, The Crown are some of the contents from Netflix.

Video Streaming Services

Video Streaming Services feature easy, quick and straightforward settings, downloadable contents for offline viewing, user interfaces that ensure high-quality service. Though in some of these services don’t allow users to download contents for sharing, users can save the selected shows for offline viewing.

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There are also video streaming services available for the sports category, which enables the user to watch live matches online like the popular sports events like UFC matches, T20 events, and other games. The Stream2Watch, Hotstar Sports, ESPN and Yahoo Sports are the best sites available to avoid installing the Cable TV.

The audio streaming services offer hassle free music service with a massive library of songs, live-radio, and music from various countries in the world in different languages. These on-demand services similar to the video streaming services work on a different platform including apps for smartphones, web services for desktops and other devices. The apple music, Google play music, Spotify, Deezer, and groove shark, are the some of the popular music streaming services.

Even though most of these services are available for a free trial period, to enjoy it to its fullest all of these services takes charge for its subscription for the monthly and yearly billing period. As there are websites to watch tv shows for free without downloading, you can enjoy the seamless streaming services with extra features from anywhere in your device just by signing up your registered account.

3. Online Gaming

The online gaming is just another advancement that took place in the field of Entertainment. It replaced the traditional offline gaming with lot more possibilities by connecting it to the internet, from any type of devices including the computer, mobile phones, tablets, consoles, TVs and others. There came up so many online sites, apps to offer the users excellent games with different experiences.

The online games can vary from various design and genres like the simple text based environments for the arcade category and the complex visual and virtual environments for the action games. These games can display the user scores in ledger boards of the players from probably almost everywhere the game is played. The category of online games includes arcade, fighting, adventure, sport, & strategy.

Online Gaming

It is also found that the gamers are more addicted towards these online games is far more distinctive than the usual single-player PC games or the offline games. The reason behind the addiction is that the online games become more exciting and competitive to play against the real contestants playing on another side, which increases their competitive spirit to beat the opponent.

The games like angry birds, candy crush saga, and the clash of clans are some of the popularly played online games by millions of people all over the world. Like Clash of Clans, there are online multiplayer games that too involve more than one user at a time playing a single game from different locations.

Online Games is still fun oriented beneficial entertainment that enables you to play and connect with people from anywhere on your console compared to the games that you need to buy.

4. Virtual Reality

The quite admirable innovation happened to the field of entertainment, which brought changes in the way that the audiences perceive another sort of reality in the real-time. Just, the audiences can experience pretty much amazing visuals, as they can go to the places that they could never go.

Virtual Reality can be defined to as a three-dimensional media or environment with which the user can experience and interact with via a dedicated gadget like a headset. The VR Headset can be mounted like goggles from the screen attached to its front you can watch programs with audio through speakers or earphones.

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality provides the user with a virtual presence that is similar to the real world, while it can be referred as a remote communication environment with no actual existence similar to Sci-Fi. At present, it is being implemented more in movies and video games since it provides an immersive environment rather than playing in an external two-dimensional screen, the user can see things right in front of their eyes.

The gadgets like Samsung’s Gear VR, HTC Vive, Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and the Search engine giant Google’s Cardboard are the finest tools available now that delivers the experience of VR Technology entertainment. The most recent advancement in the VR field is that the multi-national e-brand has revealed they made the PlayStation VR headsets that sold almost a million in their first four months in the market.

The tech can give you the personal fulfillment of emotionally experiencing the stuff like being with friends and family from anywhere, hiking Grand Canyon, watch a movie as its character and anything through the computer generated illusions that are fed to users eyes from two small lenses.


Finally, let’s say the Technology has changed everything, almost everything! It has become the house of entertainment that is highly convenient for anyone.

It has made the user to get enhanced entertaining experiences with 4K and Ultra-High-Definition Resolution of Visuals with increased dynamic range giving brighter whites and darker blacks, equally expanding the color palette and frame rate.

These rapid advancements have made the content production, distribution, and the consumption to be better and affordable in the field of media and entertainment industry.

All of these improvements are due to the internet that captured the interest of people regardless of their age and location, finally making the entertainment enjoyable.

If you know any other technological advancements in the field of entertainment, which changed the way of relishing your boredom then do share it with us in the comments.

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