Tech Talk: 3 Features That Makes Mobile Game Apps a Hit


Mobile games are more popular than ever with virtually all of us now inseparable from our mobile phones. So what makes some rise to the top and go viral while others fall by the wayside? Let’s take a look at the 3-key features every app must have to make it big.

It helps if they come from the console world

Apps like have their roots in the days of console gaming that so many of us grew up with. By providing a mobile version of a timeless classic, mobile apps can easily become a hit. The level of marketing and advertising needed to breakthrough is much lower due to the existing recognition. It also allows people who have heard of the game but not bought the more expensive console version to get on board.


That is a mighty powerful way of creating buy-in because an app is seen as a much smaller purchase than a console. With the addition of in-app purchases, developers can then begin to monetize the interest that the new user has shown in the franchise.

They need to develop over time

Apps like Jurassic Park Builder do a great job of getting you to come back over and over. With so many other distractions vying for your attention on your phone, your game needs to catch the eye. A fundamental way this is achieved is by offering timed changes that you have to wait for. Extra lives, levels, or items that become active after a set period of time are all common ways this is done.

By creating a need to return over and over, app developers can ensure their end product remains actively used. That not only ensures regular checking and play throughout the day, but it also creates a long-term connection with the franchise. Even when the game has run its course, the player will look for the next game in the series. By creating a habit, the developer can then offer new follow-on games that fill the void.

You need to be able to play them in short bursts

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Pokémon Go, you name it they all have something in common. The science of mobile gaming is all geared around creating a need to play in short bursts.

When you understand the psychology of mobile gaming, you’ll soon see that time matters. When we have an idle five minutes, most of us turn to our smartphones. By creating a game where meaningful progress can be made in this window you can create a go-to app like no other. With a game that keeps pulling a player back for just one more go, you can really draw in players. That can then be used to showcase personalized ads which, gives mobile gaming something compelling and unique.  

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Hopefully, this has given you plenty of food for thought when you come to create the next breakthrough hit. With a fun, playable, and ever-evolving gaming ecosystem you’ll be able to create something incredible.

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