Is Technology Transforming Learning And Development In The Organizations?


Every organization across the globe aims at giving its employees an exquisite work environment, culture, and facilities to grow and flourish. These features significantly impact employees to play a vital role in driving your business operations efficiently. However, organizations should understand that employees’ needs are not just limited to these factors. Learning and development can contribute majorly towards employees’ aspirations.

And as far as technology is concerned, it has become an indispensable part of business operations today. Right from basic leave management software to complex project management systems, organizations are now opting for cloud-based or artificial intelligence to run their operations efficiently.

Why Is Learning And Development Important?

Learning is a continuous process and limiting it would not be fair at all. Employees benefit from keeping up with the changing trends in the market. This will not just help employees discover and learn new skills but also play a key role in driving efficiency and productivity across organizations.

And with the help of technology and artificial intelligence, learning and development has undergone drastic changes. Technology and Artificial Intelligence has led to drastic changes in the Learning and Development function within organizations. Specified below are some significant gains of having a learning and development system in an organization:

  • Promote employee engagement
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Motivates employees to discover new skills
  • Improves productivity

Let’s now look at how technology and AI have transformed the Learning and Development paradigm:

Personalized Learning Experience

Each employee may have a unique learning style. Learning Management Systems provide employees with an option to select their own learning style and technique. This may be a written piece of content, classroom session, video tutorial, audio presentations, and so on.


These learning observations will further aid in analyzing and understanding the learning pattern for employees and suggest courses to be pursued moving forward, based on the behavior of an employee. This analysis will also play a key role in developing content for training that is engaging and appealing to employees.

Improved Employee Training

Artificial Intelligence has drastically changed the employee training experience. Employees can have a virtual practice and feedback session. The system will guide employees in identifying their areas of improvement and providing them with the steps they need to follow progress.

Most organizations utilize this system to sharpen the soft skills of their employees and provide instant feedback for improvement.

Learning Process Made Shorter

With the analysis made in the training process, a Learning Management System can specify suitable training courses for employees, based on their skills, abilities, and learning preferences. This will in-turn result in shortening the learning curve as employees will not have to go through every session. The LMS will be suggesting a certain set of courses for employees to enhance their skills.

Online Assessments

Assessments are a means of evaluating the effectiveness of training. These tests and assessments are a very critical part of e-learning within organizations. However, these tests may be easy for some employees, while others may find it difficult.

Artificial intelligence allows us to recreate assessments based on employee’s capabilities and learning behavior. Also, it will automatically build next-level training content as per the results of the assessments.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

All performance-related and assessment data can be collected and analyzed together. Insights obtained from this data can be utilized to determine the areas in which employees need to be trained.

This will also serve as an opportunity for organizations to check if there are any gaps in the training procedure and fix them right away or redesign it.

However, while the workplace is evolving continuously, it is introducing us to new paths we can choose to follow in the future. All you need to do is choose the right alternative for your organization that will lead you to attain your goals.

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