The 5 best Earbuds Within $100

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Comfort demands a price. It could be too high or a little less. Same goes for Earbuds. An excellent pair would always check all the boxes. Be it design or battery life, in case of wireless. And most brands try to check all the boxes because as you step out in the market, you would see myriads of options, each having a unique style, excellent specification and priced at different ranges.

Now, if you are also stuck in the varieties web and are specific about a $100 budget, this one is for you. Because, in this article, we have listed five of the best earbuds to buy within the range of $100.

Sony MDR-XB90EX Extra Bass:

One of the best earbuds you can buy within the range of $100. They have an exclusive design, earbuds are highly comfortable, the buds fit perfectly in ears, and the extra bass leads to noise cancellation isolating you from the outer world. The product comes along with seven different pairs of additional ear tips of variable sizes so that they can perfectly adjust with an ear of any size. Having the eartips plugged in seamlessly would reduce noise to a greater extent thereby preventing any leakage of sound. They have a tangle-free cable that is flexible and durable. An excellent blend of music with design, the Sony MDR extra earbuds are one of the best buys within $100.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

The name defines the quality and the design you could expect from the same. The high bass and vivid sound experience is something that would drive you crazy. Though the earbud is too light in weight, the sound experience would be a fast attack. Induced with steel tubes, the Sennheiser in-ear earbuds are a snug fit and has v pattern sound that clarifies each beat you hear beautifully. An excess bass makes the lower notes veritable whereas mids feel electrifying and the higher you go, the more balanced are the notes. So, if you are looking for a pair of earbuds that have an excellent audio quality along with an inductive performance, this is best for you.

ThinkSound ms01

Measure it in terms of design, in its pace of quality of sound, the ability to deter noise, or the frequency response; it reigns every sector. The look and feel of the aluminum design, the variable ear tips that sit so seamlessly that you would not just miss enjoying every beat the music being played. Dynamic drives that ensure minimal sound leakage and cords that are free from strain and highly durable add to the pros of buying the ThinkSound ms01 earbuds. The sound quality as given by the earbuds are balanced and hostages natural sound. A dominant high note, a smooth transition for the mids whereas a controlled lower soft music, this is the best piece to invest on.

Shure SE215

The earbuds with detachable wires, Shure manufactures items that provide an exceptional experience of sound and quality. The best in class that has the ability to detach you from the outside noise while indulging you in the best musical world. Replaceable buds with an elegant design, the earbuds are efficient in resisting sweat or body moisture and hence being your workout partner. A perfect blend of rich and balanced volume, the Shure SE215 earbuds are the value for money.

Enacfire e18

One of the best buys in the range of $100, or rather $50, is the Enacfire E18 bluetooth earbuds. Yes, this sell for $50 a pair on Amazon. Now, of course, I could have had mentioned the ones above $50 and under $100 like the HiFiman, but I didn’t. The sole reason being: value for money. The Enacfire e18 easily competes with the comparatively higher priced earphones in the $100 segment.

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It is the best bud that is not just trendy but also provides a fantastic sound experience. The earbuds induce on one-click technology, and so you need not have technical ideas to have the buds functioning. The buds can be connected with multiple devices, and the longer battery life makes it more convenient to buy within the given range. All in all, it’s a complete value for money package. And therefore, purchase the Enacfire E18 to have an enjoyable musical experience.

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