The Definitive Coding Languages List for Beginners


Did you know that anything powered by electricity uses code? Those who know how to code include software engineers, programmers, developers, computer scientists, and many others. 

If you’re someone who is interested in learning more about coding, you might be wondering about a coding languages list. While coding languages might seem tough, you can learn them with ease. 

This article will go over the different coding languages out there for complete beginners. Read on to explore these different coding languages in order to figure out the right code for you. 

Why You Should Learn To Code

First, if you’re looking to make good money, web developers and software engineers are some of the highest-paid professions. This is due to the demand for those who can code. 


It can also help you out in jobs that you might not even think of. For example, some entrepreneurs use coding to automate different tasks and save them money overall. Even if you’re not a programmer, if you work with them, then it can be beneficial to learn how to code. 


This coding language is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. It’s the right choice for web-based building. 

You’ll find that Java developers and software engineers use it. It can be found being used in retail, health sciences, finance, education, and communications. 

Java creates mobile apps, video games, and web-based applications. It lets applets be downloaded and used through a browser. 


C# uses strong typing, functional, generic, object-oriented, declarative, and component-oriented disciplines. You’ll find many web developers, software engineers, automation test engineers, and developers who use the c# read xlsx file

This coding language is important since developers can create Microsoft .Net-connected applications, and XML web services. A range of software applications can be created using it. It’s the only language used by the Windows Presentation Foundation. 


JavaScript is known as the language of web developers. It contains crisp syntax and synchronous event handling. 

JavaScript development is easier now thanks to popular libraries and frameworks. While it’s a front-end language, you can use it on the server-side through Node.js.

This allows you to create network applications. The largest tech companies use JavasScript such as Accenture, Facebook, Google, SAP, and Dell. 


SQL is known as Structured Query Language. You’ll find that each query can delete, update, create, or read data within a database. You’ll find SQL in MediaWiki and WordPress. 


PHP creates dynamic web pages. It outputs HTML and sends SQL queries. PHP is known as the link between the database that holds all of the content on a site. The HTML is what lets you see it. 


This is a common programming language for Machine Learning and Data Analysis. You can create strong Machine Learning algorithms with it. You can also use it for graphics and general statistical computing. 

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have security features, strong memory management, or the quality of some packages. It’s open-source, which means you can make tweaks as necessary.

It’s also extensible as well. R contains a strong package ecosystem.


This is a high-level interpreted language. It outputs HTML and runs on a web server.

This makes it similar to PHP. You’ll find that many websites, including Twitter, use it. It’s considered an alternative to PHP. 


Python is an easier language to learn because it has a large library of standards and toolkits, and it has a simple syntax to understand. You can also integrate it with other languages such as C++ and C. 

The one con is that you can’t use it for mobile application development. Many in financial services, data science, and artificial intelligence. Pinterest and Instagram use Python as well. 


Learn C, Java, and Python, and you’ll have a good foundation for programming. C is an older programming language that has been beneficial in writing other languages such as Ruby, PHP, and Python. 

Many use it for programming hardware. Being that it’s an older coding language, it’s not right for modern use cases for mobile applications or websites. 


Dart is an open-source programming language that’s used for browser-side, and server-side programming. You can write a single application for both iOS and Android. 


GoLang is from Google. It’s an open-source and newer language. You can use object-oriented and functional programming that’s secure. 

The performance is high and similar to C++/C. It has great handling similar to Java.

Many companies that use GoLang have distributed systems. Some companies that use it include Dell, Springboard, and Siemens. 


This is an object-oriented language. It uses the language Smalltalk when an object is sent a message. It has the option to either forward or ignore another object. Objective-C is used by Android and iOS mobile developers. 

Which Coding Language Should You Learn? 

Keep in mind that since there are different types of computer coding, many programmers learn multiple languages. It depends on what your goal is. For example, large companies tend to use Java or C# and PHP. 

Healthcare and automotive industries tend to use Rust, C, or C++. Startups in the web community tend to use JavaScript and Python. Mobile applications often use Kotlin or Swift. 

Exploring the Definitive Coding Languages List

Now that you’ve explored the definitive coding languages list, you should have a better idea of which coding language is right for you. Would you like to read more tech knowledge and content? For all of your tech needs, check out our other articles today.

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