The Importance of Website Visitor Tracking

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Did you know that 81% of Americans go online every single day? If you are wondering whether or not people are visiting your site and who is visiting your site, you are in the right place. It is more important than ever before to learn the benefits of website visitor tracking. 

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Keep reading to learn more about how useful website visitor analysis is for your business. 

1. Learn Where Traffic Is From

One major benefit of tracking visitors to your website is learning where the traffic is coming from. When you learn which search engines are sending traffic to your site, you can make a decision such as where to increase your online presence even more. Understanding where your visitors are most active will help increase your traffic even more. 

2. Learn More About Your Customers

When you are using website analytics and some of the must haves you will not only learn who is visiting your site but why they are visiting. You can also learn details like if they work, where they work, are they male or female, etc. 

The more you learn about your customers and how they interact on your site the easier it becomes to target traffic to a specific demographic. You can also learn what your visitors are using to access   your site. If most of them are using mobile devices then you have to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly because if it isn’t, you might end up losing potential money. 

3. Your Content

Another benefit of keeping track of your visitors is to learn what content is getting the most attention. You can also see which pages have the longest duration and how high your bounce rate is. The more you know which content is doing best, the easier it will be to optimize your pages for better engagement.

On the pages that have the best traffic, you can do things like add more call to action buttons or add more purchase links. Also, the content that is getting the most attention you can use to create similar content that those customers would find beneficial, and would also want to take a look at. 

Focusing on the type of content that gets you the most visits will help you gain more customers, keep current customers coming back, and boost the engagement on your site.

4. eCommerce Metrics

Keeping track of your website visitors will help you learn more about your important eCommerce metrics. Understanding things like your total revenue, top referral sources, conversion rates, top products, etc will allow you to create strategies to get even more sales. 

5. Easier to Find Errors

You might not be aware that your website is running with defects or errors until you are analyzing the traffic on the site. It is a lot easier to find things that have gone wrong because you will see things like a sudden decrease in traffic. For example, if you notice a drastic dip in traffic on a certain page that used to do very well it might be that the page is not loading correctly for some reason. 

6. Exit Pages

Something else that you can track is the time a visitor spends on your website before they leave. Studying the customer journey on your site will show you which pages were visited, how long they were on each page, and how many pages they looked at before they left. 

The more you know, the easier it will become to improve your link strategies and your content strategy to keep a customer on the site even longer. It will also make it easier to design future pages on your site for an even better user experience. 

7. Conversions

Tracking your website analytics will help you figure out how many of your site visitors are actually completing a purchase from beginning to end without leaving items in their cart. You can use this information to see where those customers are located, how they reached your site, and if they signed up for your emails or newsletter. 

All of this data will allow you to create more strategic campaigns in the future to attract more customers. 

8. Helps Your SEO

Keeping track of your site can help the search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. The more organic traffic your site receives the more conversions and leads you will gain without spending extra money. When you know more about your visitors, you are able to create more targeted content to gain even more visibility on search engines.

You can also learn more about your backlinks when you track your referrals. Figure out the search queries that are sending you the most traffic and see how many clicks and impressions each page is bringing you. 

Take the time to also set up search tracking to see what your visitors are looking for on your website. Compare this with your existing content to see where you can make improvements. 

Feeling Like a Website Visitor Tracking Pro?

As you can see website visitor tracking is really beneficial and we feel it is essential for any business to capture as many details about their website performance as possible. The more you know about how your customers are behaving on your site the more you can optimize it for your visitors to convert into leads and eventually paying customers. 

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