The Top Android Emulator for Windows PC 2016

Nowadays, you are capable of running the Android apps on almost any phone without having the android device with the help of Android emulators. These emulators will help you run virtually any Android app and game without affecting the performance of your device.
Over the internet, you will locate multiple Android emulators, however, selecting the best Android emulators is a bit tricky. In case, you end up choosing the wrong emulator it will slow down your PC.
So, after making lots of assessments, we finally came across following best android emulators including free and paid editions which will give you excellent performance.


AMIDuOS Android emulator is a good choice that I would recommend in the first place if you want to enjoy the complete Android experience on your PC. One of the best attributes of this emulator is its 3D acceleration. It empowers you to play easily any high resolution and sized game on your PC without any limitation.
In addition, if you are using the AMIDuOS on your tablet PC again you will have the full range Android experience as it provides functionalities like multi-touch, compass, and GPS, etc.
It is another top most used Android emulator which is used to run almost any Android app on your Windows PC. As compared to other emulators available in the market, Bluestacks is equipped with some unique features including, Microphone integration, Mobile/Desktop sync, and the Android TV Support, etc.
Although it is 100% free of cost, they will show you certain advertisements while downloading it from Google Play Store.
For your Windows PC ANDROID is another android emulator. If you are looking for light and powerful Android emulator, then go with it. It will allow you to play some powerful Android games on your Windows PC. The best feature of Android is it lets you use your android phone as a joystick to play games on your Windows device.
Youwave android emulator is one of the good options to use as an emulator, however, when comparing it with above-mentioned emulators then it lacks certain attributes, including, multitouch support, camera integration, mobile desktop sync, etc.
However, in performance, it is similar to BLUESTACK and can smoothly run any android app on your Windows PC you through into it.
You have Android emulator is available in two versions, free and premium. The free version comes with older Android version IceCreamSandwitch (4.0.4) and plays certain advertisements. However, the premium version does not have such issues, and it will cost you around 30 USD.
GENYMOTION is specially made for the developers and is a quite recognizable android emulator. On the best features of Genymotion is it comprises more than three thousand Android configurations to test your Android platform developed apps.
Even if you are not a developer then also you can use it as an emulator on your Windows PC to run the Android apps.
For personal use, it is 100% free to download, but for the commercial use, you have to pay 11 USD per month.
DROID4X come in handy for you, if you a are serious android game player. It is mainly made for the gaming purpose and it is the world’s first multi-touch supported simulator. It is 100% free to download and runs almost 99% android apps available on Google play store and free from the annoying advertisements.
WINDROSE is offered by a Chinese company and it is a free android emulator. It lets android run directly on your Windows device as it is based on the virtual machine technology. Similar to Droid4X it also supports almost 99% of Android apps of the Android app market.


It is another android emulator that lets you access all the android apps on your Windows PC smoothly. This application is light in size (65MB), fast and easy to use, which is relatively rare for such type of applications. It is free to download and 100% free from the advertisements.
It is entirely designed for the software developers that comes with the Microsoft Visual Studio integration. With Xamarin android emulator you can efficiently run or dub, simulate android apps on the Window PC. It supports almost every android apps and games accessible on the Play Store. However, the only problem with this emulator is it cost you 25 USD per month which is a bit costly than GenyMotion.
If you need any assistance regarding Android emulator feels free to ask your concern via comments. Also, if you know any other android emulator then do let us know via comment box below.

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