Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

Tips for Improving Electric Bike's Range

Pedaling a bike is not always easier and not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is affording a car a reality. Electric bikes or “Ebikes” provide increased speed, range and power and open up a world of possibilities for people who can neither afford to spend on a car nor can pedal for longer time period. They also act as a substitute for exercising as they make sure that the physical activity requirements are fulfilled if people with sedentary lifestyle choose to travel to and fro work using electric bikes.

10 Tips For Improving Electric Bike’s Range

While there are multiple advantages of using an electric bike, there is always a range of anxiety as no matter what range an electric bike can cover, we all want a little extra, don’t we? Let’s see how we can improve the range of your bike

Tips for Improving Electric Bike's Range

Charge that battery

How many times have you come home and thought that you will put your bike in charge but then, forgot to do so? It may seem a very trivial thing but after a long day at work, sometimes trivial things are annoying and the only way to overcome this is by immediately putting your bike in charge and getting it into the routine. This way, you will always have it on full charge whenever you need to move out.

Invest in a second charger

If you are the one who uses your bike to pedal all the way to work and back for longer distances, then maybe it is time you consider investing in a secondary charger which you can store at the work place to make your life a little easier.

Use computer analysis

Some electric bikes come with a built-in computer which helps the bike adjust according to your movements and not waste more than required battery thus leading to optimum utilization. This way, you will know when it is time to pedal a little extra and you can make it out with the minimal charge in your battery. Also, these bikes won’t cost you much if you utilize latest voucher codes offered by finest online brands like Gtech.

Use manual pedaling

Although electric bikes come with auto-boost and the need to pedal is not there, pedaling for smaller distances helps in saving some charge in battery which can be used for some extra trips. Pedaling at the right time like while accelerating after stopping saves a considerable amount of energy as this activity eats into the battery power.

Keep up with the maintenance of your bike

Shoddy bike maintenance is what leads to a drop in efficiency and performance of any bike in the first place. Properly maintaining your bike by regularly cleaning and oiling of chains will help increase the pedaling efficiency while riding so that a lot of energy is not wasted in ensuring that the bike rides smoothly.

Replace your old battery

Any Li-Ion battery is known to degrade and reduce its capacity to hold a charge after some 300-500 charge cycles. When this happens and you know your battery is not giving you the kind of performance it gave you a year earlier, maybe it is time to change that battery, isn’t it?

Maintain your battery

Keeping the battery fully charged irrespective of using it a lot or not is what will help keep that battery going for a longer time period. A battery that is usually allowed to drain out before recharging generally does not last for as long as a battery which is charged always on time. It is always better to unplug the battery while not using the electric bike.

Check the tire pressure

Tire pressure is a major factor in deciding how much energy will be expanding while riding that bike. Low tire pressure can lead to our bike acting sluggish all the time which can lead to expending more energy so as to keep it on par while riding. It is always better to maintain a well-inflated tire or a high tire pressure as it will give you a high rolling resistance and it will end up saving some energy thus ensuring increased range.

Go at slow speeds

Riding at slow speeds mean that you are going to consume less energy while riding the bike and save considerable energy. It is also much safer!

Consider investing in an alternate battery

If you are a heavy user, it is always better to carry an alternate battery especially for overnight trips or trips to far off places where finding a place to charge your battery is not a viable option. Some bikes already offer the option of a secondary battery while the ones which are customizable can be customized to keep an extra battery so that you don’t have to make extra space for the battery.

This way, you will always have a backup and not worry about going and exploring far off places.

Electric bike range can be improved by following the above tricks. It will not only help in increasing the range but also ensure that your bike work smoothly and gives you optimum performance.

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