4 Easy Tips to Start Editing Videos More Effectively

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Do you want to edit a video and improve it, or maybe even create content from it? If you’re a beginner you may find it a bit difficult when you first get started – and the learning curve to edit videos can be very steep.

If you want to make sure that you start editing videos on the right foot and can do so more effectively, there are a few easy tips that you should try to remember:

Always start with a plan

Don’t just rush in and try to edit your video, instead – think about how you want to edit it. Do you want to trim out part of it? Improve the colors? Cut clips together? Stabilize shaky videos?

It may not be easy at first, but as you’ll soon realize – starting with a plan will allow you to edit your videos much more effectively, and much more quickly too.

Never forget that audio is part of the video

While you’re editing your video, you should not overlook the audio – as it is part and parcel of the video as well. That means that you should give it equal attention, and be mindful of how any changes you make to your video (such as joining or trimming clips) can affect it.

Focus on the basics

When you first start out you should try to focus on the basics – though you’ll be surprised how much they can impact your video. Cropping, trimming, joining, stabilizing and adjusting the color settings are all good places to start.

Process organization

The video editor that you’re using may have other options you can take advantage of as well, and for example in Movavi Video Editor there is an easy way to speed up video footage.

After you get a hang of the basics, you can build on it. For example you can crop using the rule of thirds as a guide for the composition, or try different types of cuts when joining video clips.

Backup your videos before you begin

Before you make any changes to your videos, make sure you have backed them up – ideally using the 3-2-1 backup method. That way if you accidentally save changes you can always reverse them by restoring the original video.

On top of a backup of the original, you may want to save separate versions of the video at different stages of editing. That is especially the case if you’re making a lot of changes to your video, and may want to be able to restore it from various points along the way.

The sooner that you start to follow the tips described above, the faster you’ll be able to see how beneficial they can be.

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Not only will they enable you to edit your videos more effectively, but they’ll also ensure you’re protected with backups. That in turn will let you experiment freely and try out new ways to edit your video without worrying about accidently making an irreversible mistake.

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