Top 10 Funny Google Tricks That You Don’t Know That Exists – Cool Google Tricks

Top 10 Most Cool & Funny Google Tricks

Did you know that there are many Top Funny Google Tricks that you Don’t know & also you Don’t think so but they are Exists ..!!

There are many Funny Google Tricks of 2015 are on the Internet which is using the Peoples day to day Life for Doing in the Bored time !!

Top 10 Most Cool & Funny Google Tricks
Top 10 Most Cool & Funny Google Tricks

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Top 10 Funny Google Tricks That You Don’t Know That Exists

Some of them are very very Popular & also Viral on the Internet. So, here are the some of the Top 10 Funny Google Tricks:-

Do a Barrel Roll –

Do a Barrel Roll, it is one of the most Popular and the Funny Google Tricks which is used n Try by the many Peoples. In that Google Trick, you have to only Type that ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ and the Google will Starts Rotating Automatically all around. ” But It will Rotate only 1 Single Time only”, then it Again gets back to its Position.

Google Pacman – 

Google Pacman, which is an another Funny Google Tricks for Killing the Boring Time by the Google Pacman Game. It is the Game on the Google which Starts when you Type on Google that ‘Google Pacman’. It is the Same Game as Real Pacman Game which is Popular on the Internet.

Google Sphere –

Google Sphere, which is an another Funny Google Tricks on the Google. It is the Google Tricks which Do a Rotate the Words which are in the Search when you Type ‘Google Sphere’ in Search. It Will Rotate the Side where your Mouse goes & Rotate in that Direction.

Google Gravity –

 Google Gravity, it is the another Awesome Google Tricks on the Google. It Gives the Google a Gravity like Scene where all the Items on that Page Starts Flowing Downward n Starts Rotating. when you Rotate your Mouse or you can Grab the Word n Throw anywhere & the Words Starts Flowing.

  1. Google Underwater – Google Underwater, which is an another Funny Google Tricks where you could do some Search Underwater with Google in that Trick. It is the Google Trick which gives a Feel of the Underwater scene. In the Google, Underwater Words are Flowing on the Upper Side of the Water and the Sharks & Whales are Moving here & there.

These Four Are Most Funny Google Tricks –

Google Guitar – 

Google Guitar, which is another Awesome Google Tricks on the Google for the Music Lovers.  Where you can play the Guitar on the Google when you Start Google Guitar on the Web. Here the Guitar is showing on the Google where if you are a Guitarist or if you don’t know then also you can Play the Music on the Guitar. It has an also one Feature that if you take your mouse on the Guitar. it will Automatically start Playing by Rotating your Mouse & the Guitar Starts Playing.

Google Snake Game – 

Google Snake Game, it is the another one of the Good Kill Boring Time Game when you Gets Bored. In the Google Snake Game. You can Play the Snake Game on the Google itself. It is as same as like the Simple Snake Game. Here you can Play the Game by the Keyboard, by the Upper, Downward, Left & the Right Keys.

Epic Google – 

Epic Google, which is the another Funny Google Tricks which is not so Popular but is an Amazing Google Tricks. Where you can Type the ‘Epic Google’ and Search then all the Stuff is going Bigger n Bigger and Becoming Excessive Automatically. In that Everything is Becoming Bigger and Bigger and Bigger with every single Second.

Annoying Google – 

Annoying Google, which is another Crazy Stuff on the Google, where you can Get that Google is Annoying you by the Words.When you Type the Words on the Annoying Google Search the Words is Becoming somehow Small and Somehow Big like Small Big, Big Small, Somehow Big, Somehow Small. It makes you that Google is Annoying by the Words & makes you Frustrate by its Funny Google Tricks.

Google Loco –

 Google Loco, it is the another Google Funny Tricks. where you can see that Google is Dancing like Jumping Japak, Jumping Jumping, Jumping Japak hahaha. It the Funny Google Tricks, when you Type the Google Loco n Click on I, am Feeling Lucky Button. and the Google Loco is Starts Dancing like a Bird aha .. 😉

It is the Some of the Really Funny Popular Google Tricks which can Kill your Boring Time by its Funny Stuff”s on the Google and Provided by the Google.

These are the Top 10 Funny Google Tricks you Don’t know that Exists …!!!

Hope you like them all !!

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