Top Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android Smartphone 2017

Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Android

We all have used Torrent to download piracy kind of stuff like movies, music, games, videos, etc. and Torrent is one of the best places to download these files. Recently many of the Torrent sites like uTorrent, KickAss, pirate bay etc has been shut down forever, but there are some torrent sites which are still active and how we can forget those Torrent clones which came up after the shut off the sites.

To download any file from Torrent, we often use torrent clients like BitTorrent, uTorrent in PC/Laptop but we can’t access our PC or laptop all the time. In this case, we can use our Android smartphone but to download any torrent file, we must have to use any torrent downloader. If you search the term Torrent client in Google Play store, then you will get a lot of Apps which claims to work correctly, but only some of them work fine.

So, in this article I have mentioned the top best Torrent downloader [Torrent Client] to download torrent file on your Android device and the best thing is all the Apps which are mentioned in this article are to free to download, so you don’t have to spend a single penny in order to use these Apps.

List of Top Torrent Downloader [Torrent Clients] Apps For Android

I have listed the Apps for checking performance, downloading speed, user interface, review and much more.

BitTorrent – The best Torrent Downloader

BitTorrent - The best Torrent Downloader
BitTorrent – The best Torrent Downloader

This is the official App by BitTorrent, Inc which you can use to download torrent files on your Android devices. As I said before you don’t have to worry about anything because this App is developed by the team who have invented the BitTorrent torrent protocol.

This App is beautifully designed to download/stream torrent files without any speed limit, and it is rated 4.4 stars by its millions of users in the Google Play store.

Features of BitTorrent

  1. No speed and size limits, the latest core torrenting technology increases the speed up to 50%.
  2. You can easily the play the media file by using its built-in player.
  3. Auto shutdown when not in use.
  4. Downloads the files from Torrent anonymously.

There are many fake version of this App in the Google Play store. So, use the link which I have provided below to download the App.

ZetaTorrent – Best Torrent App

ZetaTorrent - Best Torrent App
ZetaTorrent – Best Torrent App

Another Torrent client with lots of useful features like Adblocker, multi-stream support, extended notification bar, web authentication, etc. It supports Android 4.0 and up and it is sized only 8.9 MB. It supports Ads, but if you hate Ads in App, then you can remove them by buying its paid version.

This App is developed by Teens, and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play store.

Features ZetaTorrent:

  1. Theme support gives you two different themes.
  2. Power Management: download only during charging or download by the battery status.
  3. IP & Proxy filter.
  4. Build-in browser.
  5. WiFi file transfer.

Read More:

Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud - Torrent Downloader
Flud – Torrent Downloader

It is a simple but useful Torrent Downloader for Android. You can download torrent just by uploading the torrent files or pasting the magnet links. This App also has the feature of schedule download. Its user interface is too good that you can resist yourself from using this App.

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Delphi Softwares develop this App, and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play store.

Features of Flud Torrent Downloader

  1. Material design and tablet-optimized UI.
  2. IP filtering support, proxy Support for trackers and peers.
  3. You can download single file for faster download.
  4. Supports torrents up to 4 GB.
  5. You can move files while downloading.

Torrent Download Manager

Torrent Download Manager
Torrent Download Manager

It is an innovative torrent client for Android design with new technology. It splits the downloading file into several parts for faster download just like Internet Download Manager. It is an ideal solution for unstable internet connection because you can resume the failed download files when you get back the active internet connection.

This App is developed by Panja Apps, and it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Play store.

Features of Torrent Download Manager

  1. As I said above, it splits the files into 16 parts for super faster download speed.
  2. Encryption: no one can snoop into your downloaded files without your permission.
  3. Multiple theme options.
  4. Smooth torrent search with no speed limits.

aDownloader – Native Bit Torrent Downloader for Android

aDownloader -Torrent Downloader

aDownloader is an App which is based on P2P protocol which uses OpenSSL. It is suitable for large download files. You can preview the media files before downloading the file, and it can be helpful when you are downloading any movie or video. It has features like download when the smartphone is charging, pieces progress view, and you can even download the non-torrent files.

Ansha Team develops this App, and user gave 4.0 Star rating to this app.

Final Words (Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android)

Torrent files are epic in their ways, and they are amazing, That’s the reason I was keen to write this article. All the Applications mentioned in the list are the best I was able to find on the internet. You should at least give a try to anyone of them or even if you want to try each and every Application mentioned in the article then can be even better for you, Because every Application is unique and contains different features.

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