Top five file sharing apps for Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are an uncountable number of applications in the Google Play Store. There are apps in different categories. There are games, utility apps, tools, social apps, IM apps, marketing apps, business related apps and what not.

Among them, one of the most important categories is file sharing apps. File sharing apps are those apps which are used to connect two different devices on completely different platforms and then share different types of files between them.

Why use file sharing apps?

The major advantage of these apps is that they are very fast. For example, Shareit app claims to have over 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. And the speed of all these apps is almost similar.

Secondly, these apps are platform independent. This means that you can connect a windows pc with an Android phone and also a MacBook laptop.

Also using these apps is a lot easier and convenient because these apps have a very clean User Interface.

Best file sharing apps for Android

Let us now come to the main topic of this post. In this article, I am going to use an infographic to give you information about the best file sharing apps for Android. You should also check out Shareit for laptop

I have curated a list of five such amazing apps and have mentioned them in the infographic. So check it out.

Best file sharing apps for Android

Final Words

Now I need to end this article but before that, let me summarize all that was given in this infographic. So basically there are five best file sharing apps for Android which are worth downloading

  • Shareit: The most popular one
  • Xender: Super fast speed
  • Zapya: Clear UI
  • Superbeam
  • xShare

Now you can try whichever you like and yourselves can figure out which is the best file sharing app for Android.

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