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The Top Five Vaping Gadgets Firms in The USA

Vaping has been catching in globally. Of course, there are two groups as always – one that lists out the benefits of vaping and the other that finds faults with it. Vaping as an industry has been growing exponentially over the last three years. The popularity of the vaping gadgets has been the major founding factor to achieve the success for the vaping gadgets firms. We will list out the top five vaping gadgets firms in the USA in this article.

Vaping – What it is and what are the benefits?

Vaping is a means of alternative smoking. It involves inhaling and exhaling the water vapours from an electronic gadget.

The vapour you inhale is free of tobacco, and in most cases, free of nicotine. Thus, vaping can be used as a perfect solution to stay safe from the harmful effects of nicotine and other side effects that it comes with – bad breath, social stigma, health risks and other ill effects. In fact, it would be a nice way to smoke without tobacco and enjoy your smoking desires.

There are several vaping products available. Moreover, some companies have been coming up with innovative products. For example, some of them include E-Cigarettes, E-liquids, istick pico and Vapour Flasks among others.

Top Five Vaping Gadgets firms in the USA

The US has been the top market for Vaping products. Here are the top firms engaged in vaping products for the benefit of vapers.

Pax Labs

Pax Labs claims to be delivering ultimate experience in vaping. They have been involved in the manufacture of a premium brand of vaping devices under PAX and JUUL brands.

They develop technology-driven vaping product and concentrate on creating a smokeless society. Innovative by design, their PAX 2 vaping product has gained rare reviews.

MyFreedom Smokes

MyFreedomSmokes has been in the vaping gadgets business since 2008. Moreover, they have been one of the popular E-Cigarette retailers in the US.

They have a product line up that would suit every genre – right from beginners to the experienced ones. Their collection E-liquid boasts of over 200 flavors to choose from. Actively involved in products like istick pico, MyFreedomSmokes is an attempt towards a smoke free and safer society.

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2009. They are the leading E-Cigarette and vaping products manufacturers and retailers in the US.

The company has expanded its operations throughout the world by being innovative and customer friendly. They have their manufacturing and retail facilities in United States of America, the UK, and Southeast Asia regions. They excel with their customer-centric approach and world class products.


Nicotek provides a smoke-free and nicotine free experience to thousands of vaping enthusiasts around the world. The USP of the company lies in being high-end products at an affordable pricing.

The company claims to have over five years of extensive study and research in the field of vaping products and E-Cigarette industry. Aimed at providing the customers with an innovative experience in alternative smoking, they have constantly been evolving their products.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

This is yet another fast-growing company among the vaping gadgets firms in the USA. Apollo Cigs says it is not just an E- Cigarette, but a community.

With their manufacturing facility and retail chain, Apollo claims to be the cheapest supplier in the alternative smoking arena. The company has experts both in the tobacco and electronic industry and thus are one of the most innovative firms to launch state of the art products. The company also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The Final Countdown

Well, that was just a selective list of the top vaping gadgets firms in the USA. There are several other names worthy of being on this list. We do not claim this list to be exhaustive in any way.

Do you think we have missed any potential players that are worthy? If so, do share your views with us. We may as well consider adding them to our list.

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