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In our day to day life the use of apps has made our work very easy. You can do any work with the help of these apps.Either you are booking ticket, making bank transaction or planning a trip these apps will always be useful for you. The use of apps in our life has become an indispensable part of our life. The dependence of the present man on the apps is increasing day by day. You can do unlimited use of these apps.These apps are free of cost and do not require any charges. These apps are specially designed as per the media type.

According to the configuration and the type of the device, the apps are designed. These applications are designed using several languages, these languages are chosen as per the compatibility of the language with that platform. You can browse unlimited videos free, watch unlimited movies and also download with the help of these apps. Depending on the media type you can download it from the play store. After that, you can do unlimited browsing and surfing.

List of top twenty free apps are mentioned below to do unlimited downloading and surfing:-

  1. Video tube: Video tube is also one of the best apps for downloading and enjoying uninterrupted movies. It has got a good rating from the users.
  1. VLC for Ipad: You can also download and enjoy with VLC. It has a unique quality of videos graphics and sound.
  1. Movie Box: Movie box is the most common app for Ipad. Everyone is familiar with this app as it is the hub of entertainment. It has a wide range of entertainment options. You can browse and enjoy any type of the Bollywood or Hollywood or any type of entertainment category. You can not only browse but also you can download movies online. You can download and enjoy this app.There are so many rumors that are spread in the market but you can download it free of cost.
  1. View Star: It is the awesome app which helps you with the unlimited surfing and downloading movies. View star got a good rating over the time period from the users.
  1. Netflix: Netflix provides you the best services. You can subscribe and enjoy. After subscribing you can ENJOY uninterrupted services.
  1. Yidio: Video is a type of search engine in which whatever you will search you will get. Yidio has the power to save the time and money. It suggests the list of good movies and TV-series. It also imparts information about where you can watch when you can watch. It is the only app that gives you unique advantage over the movie downloading and streaming. It gives you features like Watching amines, TV series, movies and also documentaries.
  1. Flipps T.V: Flipps T is magic that imparts complete happiness to the user. You can enjoy all types of entertainment such as comedy, TV shows, and movies. Browsing and surfing are just free of cost. You can do unlimited downloads with the Flipps TV.You can run it o the different operators such as LG Philips, Panasonic, Xbox one and dish hopper.
  1. Crackle: Crackle is completely free of cost application that is specially designed by keeping the requirement of the user in the mind.IT is the best app found on the Ipad, iPhone, and iPod. It is the online distributor of the different categories of the Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment. You can watch here full-length movie.
  1. Popcornflix: Popcorn fix is also a good movie streaming app found on the Ipads and iPhones. If you don’t want to Waste your money and time then you must think about the has a huge database library where the different category of the movies are stored.You can take from that huge database library.
  1. Air video Free: It has the best library with the huge database and wonderful collection in it. You can download as much as you want. The goal of the Air video is to provide the best services at free of cost. It is the perfect app for streaming.
  1. Hulu Plus: Even though you are not having television with you can watch movies and serials episodes online with these apps. Either it is catching the previous episode or watching the new upcoming serial you can do it easily with Huluplus. You can get the extreme entertainment with these apps. Hulu plus provides you a great advantage that is watching movies such as Modern family, vampire diaries and so on. Some of the advantage of the Hulu plus is that it has a huge library of movies and TV. It also has the exclusive tiles that you can’t get on the other applications. It also has good rating.
  1. Movies by Flixster:

Movies by Flixster the wonderful app for watching online movies or watching it by downloading. It shows the excellent result for your search. You can also suggest your friends and family for this application. It has been found to be in the rating of the top applications for watching movies. This application has a good source of HD trailers. It gives you the time of local shows that are coming in the channels.

  1. Watch ABC:

ABC network has changed the outlook of the app last year. You will love the new watch helps you to pause and get back to its position where you paused. You can also take advantage of the live programming of the local network. The new ABC has come up with the new excellent features and image quality.

  1. Snag Films:

Snag films have incomparable library. It is well known for its huge library. Some of the movies even after earning awards are not released in the market. But you can even watch those movies online and download with Snag films.

  1. Remote Mouse free: It is a wireless that you can carry along with you to watch online movies. Movies can be now easily browsed and downloaded with this.
  1. Disney Movies: Disney movie is an app that allows you to keep a collection of the Disney movies. You can browse unlimited movies. It allows you to watch even when there is no WIFI. This is one of the most important benefits of the Disney. It has got three stars rating.
  1. Dish: You can take your dish anywhere and watch movies with the Dish. It allows you to watch movies anywhere. It has obtained four stars rating from the users.
  1. Player Extreme: Player extreme is a type of the video player. You can watch every type of the movie on a go from where ever you want. It can run files in a different format. You need not change the type of the video. You can enjoy extreme with the player extreme.
  1. DIRECTV: It is the complete package of the entertainment in the single app.You need not sacrifice your entertainment just install and enjoy unlimited entertainment in your life.
  1. PBS video: PBS video is the best player that allows you to enjoy movies.You can watch either by downloading or also you can watch online.
  1. MP3 player &Manager: It is absolutely free which has its unique features. It has unlimited uninterrupted songs. It has earned the five ratings from the users

Thus these are the top movie players and also music player apps that are used in Ipads.You can enjoy uninterrupted with this application.

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