How To Track Phone Location History With Hoverwatch

Track Phone Location History with Hover Watch

The dependence on technology has increased by many folds over the recent years. Almost everyone – be it 16 years old or 60 years old – you depend upon technology and more so on smartphones. What if you want to track the location of your children or your employees? The best solution for the issue is right at your end.  Here is an app for tracking cell phone location history

Hoverwatch works as a location history app, a phone tracker app, a phone finder and what not. The multiple features of the application make it one of the best tools currently available.

What is Hoverwatch?

To begin with, Hoverwatch is one of the best apps with multiple functionalities. One of the features you would fall in love with is its location tracking options.

The location history app from Hoverwatch is the best option for your requirements. The application is quite popular for tracking the location of your target smartphone. You will only need to create an online account with Hoverwatch for using the app.

Creation of an account is quite simple and easy as you would just need your email ID and a password for the purpose. Once the account is created, you can download and install the application, and that does it! The app will keep sending you the reports on your account dashboard.

Track Phone Location History with Hover Watch

You may be worried about the security of your children. Installing Hoverwatch on their devices and getting regular tracking details on your account dashboard can be a relieving experience in such cases. Keeping a tab on the travel itinerary of your employees ( who otherwise can lie about their exact location) is an advantage that the tool offers you.

How Does Hoverwatch App Work?

Well, the Hoverwatch location tracking application has special software features that aid you in gathering almost all the data about the location of your target device.

However, please note that the application needs to be installed on the target for it to work.  That would mean you need to have direct access to the target device. Once installed on the target device, it works in stealth mode and cannot be detected by the user. The user will not be able to find out that such an application has been installed on their phone and the data is being constantly scrutinized by someone remotely.

The target device needs to have an active internet connection to work as expected. The application can use the GPS signals to trace your target device. It also uses the nearest WiFi signals or the cell phone tower signals to track the location of your smartphone.

hover watch GPS tracker
overwatch GPS tracker

You can configure the frequency of the location updates you would expect from the app. The application can also track the exact route your target is taking and displays it on the map.

Hoverwatch also doubles up as your tracker app for tracking the calls and messages being sent and received on your target device. It can be a great spy app when you need to keep track of the activities of your children, or employees.

Hoverwatch Android Installation Guide ( Video )

Salient Features of Hoverwatch Location History App

Well, it is one of the software tools for locating your smartphone or keeping a tab on the where your kids or employees spend their time.  Let us go through a few special features of the application that makes it what it is.

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Invisible Operation

HoverWatch location tracking application once installed on your target device cannot be detected by the user.  That would mean no one can recognize that a tracking app is installed on your phone and it is sending data to an online account.  You may decide to function invisibly or not by suitably configuring it.

Uses Multiple Channels 

Hoverwatch location history app can use GPS, WiFi and cell phone tower to track the location of your target device. The location accuracy obtained through WiFi signals may not be as perfect as that from GPS.

Multiple Platform Compatibility

The cell phone location history app can be accessed through multiple platforms. The tool is available for Windows, Android, and Mac. You can check the reports being sent to the dashboard of your online account on any device.

Track Multiple Devices with Single Account

A single Hoverwatch account can be used to track the location history of more than one devices.  A family license lets you monitor up to five devices – either smartphones or tablets.

Tracking Calls and Messages

The Hoverwatch cell phone location history app can also function as a spy app for your target device. It tracks all the calls and messages being received and sent to the device. It can even track deleted messages. It also works as a tracker app for almost all major instant messenger services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and the like. The app is capable of tracking the calls made in incognito mode as well.

Online Camera Tracking

The Hoverwatch app uses your front camera to take a snapshot of the person when he/she tries unlocking your device. This selfie camera feature can be used for tracking the persons who have access to the target device. The selfie camera feature is also useful when your device is lost or stolen.

HoverWatch Plans and Subscriptions

Hoverwatch comes with multiple subscription plans. You can opt for a plan that would suit your needs.  The plans have the following features.

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  • Personal Plan –The Personal Plan will let you monitor one device. The subscription charges under this plan are $ 19.95 for One month package, $ 49.95 for the three-month package and $ 99.95 for a 12-month package. The effective price per month if opted for 12 months would be $ 8.33.
  • Family plan – The family plan comes with a license that can be used to monitor up to five devices. The pricing under the plan is $ 39.95 for One month, $ 9995 for three months and $ 199.95 for 12 months. The effective pricing if opted for twelve months on five devices would be $ 3.33 per month per device.

Final Thoughts About HoverWatch Location Tracking App

Well, the Hoverwatch cell phone location history tool can be a great choice as it can work both as a location tracker and a spy app for your target device. What makes it a prime choice is its invisible functioning. Better and cheaper pricing can be a point that goes in its favor.

If you want to try the app before taking a final decision on buying the same, the tool offers you a free trial for a period of three days.

We would welcome our readers to share their views on the multi-functional tool that comes with a reliable functionality. If you have used it, do kindly share your experience with us.

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