Tracking Keywords for Pay Per Call for maximum benefits

Tracking Keywords

Pay per call advertising medium is something which nowadays gets maximum buzz around the digital marketing campaigns. Both advertisers and publishers are equally beneficial with the pay per call advertising mechanism.

Advertisers get the leads which have great potential to get converted while the publishers get a good payout for the same. I found few people getting confused with the pay per click advertisement, but this is totally different.

Tracking Keywords

In pay per call, you will be get paid only when someone will call the tracking number specified on the advertisements. The companies are focusing because they get the highly targeted leads from the calls. Things are simple if someone is calling you based on the number given, then you can think how eager those are to get your service or product.

The business later analyzes those inbound pay per call and take actions. All these important details can be tracked using the call tracking software like Ringba.  These calls can be categorized based on the various factors like-

  • Geographic location
  • How soon they need service
  • What is their budget and how is the client
  • When they need the follow-up and other details and more

But the important question is what a business actually needs to get started with pay per call.

Pay Per Call Keyword Tracking software is the answer. The software like Ringba give you the ability to all the calls to get you the best tracking mechanism and reporting.

How Pay Per Call Works and how to track the calls?

Pay Per Call is a type of advertising where the user will have to call on the tracking number given on the ad. Here are few simple steps on which these Pay per call tracking works-

  • Place an ad online with the tracking number
  • The caller will see the ad and will call on the displayed number
  • You can route the number to the buyer
  • Buyer reviews the call and pays you accordingly
  • You can further track the call and report it

Here are some of the basic requirements which you should have in order to track the pay per call advertising.

Get Tracking Numbers

You can get the local or toll-free numbers to be used for tracking the calls. Make sure you are getting a toll-free number for the same.

Tracking Keywords for Pay Per Call

Route Calls to Targets

Create the dynamic routing for all the calls landed on the tracking number and route it accordingly. You can do the segmentation based on your business need.

Manage Call Campaigns

Use Ringba to manage all your campaigns and reporting further.

Create Custom IVRs

Build custom IVR trees for qualifying callers and routing them to Targets.

Attribute Traffic Sources

You can optimize your calls for the best benefits and conversions. You can also target the highly targeted traffic source.

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Analyze Reports

From the Ringba tool, you can also get the best reporting and then the business can analyze those reports to get the best out of it.


These were all about the tracking the pay per call traffic and getting the best insight from it. These reports and analytics can be further used for the best benefits.

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